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Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch and Whitechapel, London from 1785, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire

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Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch & Whitechapel, London 1785 - 1950, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire

Individuals marked with a red dot in the following pages are direct ancestors of Adam Luke John and Jane Louisa Baston and with a magenta dot   direct ancestors of Kealey Rose Baston & Tyler Howard.  Names with a "?" after them are either unknown or unreadable.  For privacy reasons, date of Birth, Marriage, etc for persons still believed to be living are not shown. 

There is a full table of contents and for other family names connected with our family tree or for other Baston families not connected with my family tree but in London during the 1800's see below.  See also the new one name study part of the web site for other Baston, Basson, Bason and other surname variations.  Who did this?

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How did all this start?  Well after my brother moved in 2002 we were looking through our Nan's pictures, papers & mementoes and came across a couple of pictures of soldiers from the First World War.  We knew from what she has said when she was alive, that one of them was her husband and he had been killed in the Great War. 

Frederick Baston, 8th Btn Royal Fusiliers, killed in action 7 July 1916.This aroused my interest and I set out to discover which of the two pictures was our grandad.  Both photographs showed their cap badges, one of which was a Royal Fusilier, the other in the Rifle Brigade,  this together with the notification of his death enabled me find his details on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website (, he was the one in the 8th Btn Royal Fusiliers.  This in turn lead me to the 1901 census, then the 1891 census, then the various BMD & parish records and eventually to create this web site, not only as a memory to him, but all the other Baston's families and their descendants. (right: Frederick Baston born 1885 in Hackney, buried 1916 Ovillers, France)

Although this site is primarily for my family and the Baston surname, it has also become a One Name Study for the Baston, Basson, Barson, Burson surname in the UK.  Initially it will cover the Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Gloucestershire areas but will eventually include all the Baston, Basson, Barson & Burson information I can find or is contributed to this web site.  I have a database of over 5000 Baston/Basson etc entries at the moment, so if you're stuck and need help with your Baston etc family tree, then please contact me and I'll check the database for any entries that may enable you to locate your missing ancestor.  See the Baston descendants pages and Baston families in London for links to the various families that have already been included on the web site.  If any of these are part of your family tree, I would love to know where they all went to.

The name Baston is first recorded in the Oxfordshire parish of Bampton in the “Hundred Rolls of Oxfordshire with a “Walter Baston” in 1279 . The next Baston record is of a “Richard Baston” in 1306 , 1316 & 1327 and then a “Henry Baston” in 1360 all with the same land holding and living at Claywell Farm, Ducklington, near Bampton and Witney. These indicate the probable Baston line between 1279 and 1360, to bridge the gap between the last record in 1360 and the first occurrence in Bampton of a Baston in about 1475, requires further investigation. There are very few records surviving from those early days but using what is available it has been possible to piece together most of the family line.

The first recorded Baston will in Bampton is for an Alys (Alice) Baston, widow in 1543, regrettably this is almost unreadable but the fact she left a will is indicative that she was part of the family and probably the widow of Henry who was born about 1475.

The first Baptism I have been able to find in Bampton, Oxfordshire, is of a William Baston, baptised on 31st January 1539 to John Baston, the first marriage recorded is when John Baston married Joan Eson or Este 28th January 1546.

This branch of the Baston family tree has so far been certainly traced back to when John Baston, born about 1526 married an Elizabeth Thatcher 24th November 1552 in St Mary's Church, Bampton, they appear to have had four children, the first, John, Christened 26th August 1553 being our direct ancestor.  John was buried 1st December 1588 and also has a Will & Probate record in which he is described as a "husbandman".  I have also recently managed to construct John's ancestors back another 2 generations to 1475 using what little information is available.

On the 25th November 1583, John (1553) married Elizabeth Alder, again in St Mary's, Bampton.  They had five children, their third child, another John was Baptised, 11th August 1593 in St Mary's, Bampton.

John (1593) married Joan Kempster (or Munkster) in 1616 but Joan died early on after giving birth to 5 children, John then remarried in 1626 to Elizabeth Hore, their third child, Baptised 27th April 1631 was one William Baston.  He was one of five known children and is also our direct ancestor. 

I originally had William Baston (1631) as possibly married to a Susannah as according to Brigadier Goady's transcript of the records of the Black Horse public house in Standlake, Oxfordshire,  a William & Susannah Baston took over the lease of the property in 1673.  My research didn't seem to corroborate this as I could find no parish or other records supporting this. 

In 2009 I was granted a reader's pass at Oxford University and this allowed me access to the original transcription documents and more importantly, in 2011, the actual lease in the archives at Lincoln College.  Whilst Brigadier Goady's notes show the Baston family as the lessees, the original lease, as does Lincoln Colleges' own index, clearly show the family as William Bosely and his wife Susannah.  All the Bosely names family names mentioned in the lease are found in the Parish Registers of Standlake, this further corroborates that the Bosely family were indeed the lessees of the Black Horse at Standlake and not the Baston's.

This opened up new possibilities as to the wife of William Baston (1631).  The names of children baptised to William included a Debora, this is a completely new name in the Baston family and was used for the next 3 generations, so must have been an important name.

Although I can find no record of the marriage (some records are missing and some destroyed by damp), I believe that William's wife was probably a Debora (probably Debora Fletcher) as that is the only new name introduced into the family at this time. William (1631) had both a daughter and granddaughter christened Deborah. There is a burial for a "Debora Baston of Aston" at Bampton in 1700, this is probably his wife as there were no other Deborah Baston's around at that time except for his daughter Deborah born 1675, she later married a John Cook and her fully documented burial was in Southwark, so this 1700 burial is probably William's wife Debora.

William (1631) is shown as the father on the Baptismal record of his son William, Christened on 17 April 1664,  who then himself had a son William Baston Baptised 18th March 1704 in St Mary's Church, Bampton Oxfordshire. This William married Elizabeth Skinner at All Saint's, Oxford in 1726, Elizabeth is shown in the register as a "Puella" a young girl and that is probably why he had to marry at Oxford as she was so young.

It is thought they were mainly farmers in the 1700's as there are various reference including various Wills and an old title deed dated 1769 which mentions William leased a small-holding in the area and had given it up and it was being sold on, this was just before he died in 1771. Some of the family also ran public houses and stayed in the Licensed Victualler trade for many years.  Edward Baston who died in 1803 is recorded as running the Bell Inn at Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire (now called the Duck Inn).

Jonathan Baston baptized 23rd May 1739, the fifth child of William (1704) married Ann Crips 6th Jun 1761 in St Mary's Church, Bampton and it was his son, Francis Baston baptised 27 Dec 1761, again in Bampton, who was the first to move away from the area. Jonathan died in 1813 and was buried 16 October 1813 in St Mary's, Bampton. (Francis his son, died 7 weeks after Jonathan, perhaps Francis had visited his ailing father and caught the same disease).

Francis Baston married Ann Smith 17th November 1782 in St Mary the Virgin, Ipsden, Oxfordshire by licence of the Parish of St Giles, Reading, in the County of Berks.  Their first son, John Baston was baptised 13th March 1783 in the Church of St Peter & St Paul, Checkendon.  Ann died shortly after giving birth to John and her son died shortly after, Ann was buried 29th April 1783 and John 1st May 1783, both in Ipsden.  Francis then married an Ann Brown 13 October 1784 in St Nicholas Church, Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire by Licence, he is shown as a widower and a Yeoman on the licence. Their first son, Francis, was Christened 22nd January 1786 in St Nicholas, Rotherfield Greys, Francis was a witness at his brother, John Joseph Baston's wedding in 1827.  Sometime after this birth, the family made their way up to London.

Bampton, Ipsden, Checkendon, Reading & Rotherfield Greys are all fairly close to the River Thames, so is it possible that Francis found his way to London via this route?

The Baston family of Shoreditch, Whitechapel & Hackney, London starts with the Baptism of Francis's third son, George Thomas Baston, on the 8th May 1796 in St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch, this is the first written record after their arrival in London.  The only record we have of a fourth son, Joseph, is of his burial in 1800 age 11 months in Bunhill Fields Cemetery, making him born in 1799. 

It was Francis's fifth son (Anne Browne's fourth), John Joseph Baston, Christened 1802 in St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch, who is Adam, Jane & Kealey's direct ancestor.  He is shown as a painter in the Baptismal records for his children, Mary Ann Baston (1828) and Frederick William Baston (1831) at Christ Church, Spitalfields, Whitechapel.  

The young Frederick William Baston's mother died 2 months after he was born and Frederick is next found in the 1841 Census for 6 Little Suffolk Street, Southwark (now Sudrey Street) aged 10 with no sign of his father, but is shown living with a Mary Cole (he was by now, probably an orphan).  She must have been a close friend of the family as she was a witness at Frederick's father, John Joseph Baston's wedding in 1827.  

Frederick is then shown on the 1851 census as aged 20, unmarried and as an apprentice boot maker to a Mr Tandy of 10 Essex Street, Shoreditch (became Shenfield Street) so for the rest of the 1800's the family became shoe makers or Cordwainers.  By the 1861 census he has 3 children, of which 2 have died before the 1871 census.  By the time of his death in 1899, he had sired 8 children of which 4 had died in childhood - a hard life by any standard.  You'll find all about him in generation 7 of the Ancestors of Adam Luke John Baston or generation 6 of the Descendants of William Baston.

Frederick William Baston's (1831) fourth child, a son, Thomas Baston (1861) married Sarah Noble 1881 in Bethnal Green, they had 7 children, 3 of whom also died in childhood.  Two of Thomas' sons, Frederick Baston (1885, my grandfather) and William Thomas Baston (1897) were both killed in action in the First World War (WW1), (Frederick, in the Battle of the Somme), but mercifully Frederick had married Emma Euesden in 1908 and sired 2 children, a son, Frederick John Baston (1911, my father) and a daughter, Alice Emily Baston born in 1913, who died aged 9 months in 1914.  This was just before Frederick Baston went off to fight in WW1, the Great War.

As you can see, this branch of the Baston family has hung by a thread in each generation and now rests with Adam Luke Baston (1999) who is the only male Baston who can carry on the name.

Other Baston families in London

If you find any of these useful, please let me know as I'd like to know what happened to them all. I have quite an extensive collection of baptism, birth  & marriage certificates etc for the other Baston families, if you want copies etc again let me know.

For other Baston families in London in the 1800's not connected with mine see the Quick Tree pages as below.  These provided a few false leads in my early research so have some reasonable detail with them, they are;

Joseph & Emma Baston family of Hackney, Joseph born 1810 Nottinghamshire - a Brewer by trade, in London from about 1830, had 3 daughters and 1 son before he died at a young age in 1855.

John & Mary Baston family of the St Pancras area, John born 1795 Ottery, Devon - Tin plate Worker and Gas Meter Makers in London from about 1840. John a son born 1820 Bristol married a Mary Beeton 4th September 1842, in the Old Church, Saint Pancras, London and had an extended family, based in the St Pancras area of London.

John & Charlotte Baston  family in the Old Street area, John born 1846 Truro, Cornwall, married Charlotte Collis, 23rd March 1878 in St Marks, Old Street  - also a family of Boot Makers.  Appeared in London about 1874.

Thomas & Elizabeth Bastion family (Bastion appears as Baston from about 1850) Camberwell, Surrey. Ostlers in the 1800's.

There are also a number of web sites that have connections with our family ancestors and information on these can be found on the links page


Family names connected with our genealogy.

There is also extensive information on the May family of Chiddingstone, Kent; Pegrum family of Nazeing, Essex;  Bissett family of London and Scotland; main names in each family are:-

May Family

Jonathan MAY born 1761 Chiddingstone, Kent married Sarah Jeffrey, 1784 in Chiddingstone.
Robert MAY born 1787 Chiddingstone, married Ann Seale 1810 in Chiddingstone.
George MAY born 1810 Chiddingstone, married Eliza Carter 1850 in Sundridge, Kent.
Percy MAY born 1829 also Chiddingstone.  Percy was the first of the May family to move from Kent to London when he married Mary Ann Brodie in 1882 in Bethnal Green, London.
Percy Charles May born 1883 in Islington,  married Clara Jane Brown Fisher at Christ Church, Hoxton in 1909.
Clara Lilian May born 1909 Holborn, married Frederick John Baston at Holy Trinity Church, Stroud Green, London N4 in 1839.

Pegrum Family.

Thomas  Pegrum born about 1660 probably Nasing or Nazeing in Essex.
William PEGRUM born 1683 Nazeing.
William PEGRUM born 1711 in Nazeing married Elizabeth Sutterton.
Abraham PEGRUM born 1741 Nazeing married Susannah Forster in about 1778.
Samuel PEGRUM born 1779 Nazeing married Elizabeth Mumford in 1808.
Samuel PEGRUM born 1810 Nazeing married Ann Bailes in 1831.
Joshua PEGRUM born 1854 Nazeing married Laura Annie Lipson 1879 Walthamstow, Essex.
Ebenezer Lipson PEGRUM born 1884 Nazeing married Charlotte Emma Sale 1921 in Walthamstow, Essex.
Mark Pegrum born Essex married Barbara Holman.

Bissett Family.

Samuel BISSETT born about 1794 Leith, Scotland married Harriet Bridges 1824 Poplar.
Henry Alexander BISSETT born 1831 Stepney, London married Eliza Burton 1855 Poplar.
James Charles BISSETT born 1861 Poplar, London married Ann Adney 1885 Hoxton, Hackney.
James Charles BISSETT 1886 Islington, London married Martha Elizabeth Housden 1909 Hornsey, London.
William Leslie BISSETT born 1914 West Tottenham, London married Lottie Louise Bowker 1936 in West Green, London.

There are also a number of web sites that have connections with our family ancestors and information on these can be found on the links page

Master Table of Contents

These Baston's of Hackney web pages contain; 2594 Individuals, 472 Families, 667 Marriages, 420 Surnames, 3433 pages, 5726 images and 268588 hyperlinks at the last count.


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Researched and prepared by:  Carol Anne Harmond (neé Baston). This genealogy is also available in a 5 volume book, a copy of which was deposited in September 2006 with the Society of Genealogists in London.  For more information contact me by email

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