Baston Coat of Arms

Baston Family Genealogy

Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch and Whitechapel, London from 1785, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire

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Baston Coat of Arms

Ancestors of Adam Luke John BASTON of Andover, Hampshire, UK

Source Citations

8. Frederick John BASTON

1Kingsland High St, Hackney, 1915 (Old postcard). "
Kingsland High Street, Hackney at the time Frederick John Baston grew up.". Image.

2Frederick John Baston, 1911 Hackney Birth Certificate, 1b/474/355. "
Certificate No BXCA215095
South East Hackney, No 355,  18th March 1911
Frederick John to Frederick Baston, Camera Maker, Journeyman. & Emma Baston formerly Euesden, 27 Valentine Road, South Hackney.
Registered: 27th April 1911.
1B/474/355, Copy Certificate No  XA994951   94585.". Image.

3Frederick John Baston 1911 Hackney, London, Baptism Register, London Metropolitan Archives, Northampton Row, London, N1, England, microfilm ref X087/109. "
St John of Jerusalem, Hackney No 355, 16th April 1911.
Frederick John to Frederick & Emma of 27 Valentine Road, camera maker.". Image.

4Frederick John Baston 1995 Death Certificate, Entry No 157 - Cert No IAI235120. "
Hertford & Ware 26 May 1995, 13 Glovers Close, Hertford
Frederick John Baston born 18 March 1911, Post Office Technician (retired) 13 Glovers Close
Informant: Martyn Baston, son present at death
Cause: Bronchopneumonia & Lung Cancer.". Image.

5Frederick & Clara Lilian Baston Cemetery Plaque, Hertford, Herts, Frederick Baston, 1995, CAH image DSCF7929. "
Cemetery Marker, Frederick & Clara (Doris) Baston.
Hertford Cemetery Garden of Rememberance, Hertford, Herts.". Image.

6Frederick Baston & Clara May 1939 Marriage Certificate, 25 Dec 1908, 410. "
Holy Trinity Church, Stroud Green, N4, 17th September 1939. Frederick John Baston, Aged 28, Post Office Engineer, 103 Florence Road, London & Clara Lilian May, Aged 30,  8 Marquis Road, London.
Fathers, Frederick Baston (deceased) HM Forces & Percy Charles May (deceased) Builder.
Witnesses - Annie May, Stanley J Major.". Image.

727 Valentine Road, Hackney, London, Frederick Baston, 19 Mar 1911, CAH image DSCF7727. "
Where Frederick Baston was born in 1911.". "where Frederick was born." Image.

8Frederick & Emma Baston 1911 census, Hackney, London, 2 Apr 1911, National Archives, Kew, London, England, RG14PN1163_RG78PN38_RD11_SD5_ED24_SN393. "
27 Valentine Road - 2 rooms.
Frederick Baston head age 25, married 2 years, wood machinist, camera maker born South Hackney.
Emmy Baston wife age 25, married 2 years.
Frederick John Baston son age under 1 month born South Hackney." Image.

9Shoreditch High Street, London 1920. "
Typical transport of the day.". Image.

10Frederick John Baston aged 12 years (taken in 1923). "
Frederick John Baston aged 12 years in 1923.". Image.

11Frederick John Baston, 1925 School Report. "
Morning Lane School, Homerton E8
Report on Attendance, Conduct & Progress of Fred Baston
Standard 0 - VIa
Year in School - 9
Attendance - Very Good
Conduct - Excellent
Progress - Satisfactory
Class Work - Fairly Good
Manual Training - Good
Sports & Physical Training - Satisfactory
Remarks - Though rather slow in class work, is of good intelligence and is very trustworthy.
Dated 8-4-25, H S Packer, Head Master.". Image.

12Frederick John Baston commencement of employment in the GPO 1937. "
6th September 1937, Mr F J Baston
With reference to your application for employment in this Department, please report to Mr Hill at Larkwood Telephone Exchange, Brookscroft Road, Walthamstow E17 at 7.30am Monday 13th September ready to commence work.  Your starting pay will be 49/- per week. You should bring your National Health and Unemployment Insurance Cards.". Image.

13Stroud Green, London, N4, Holy Trinity Church (WSV image), DSC7702. "
Where Frederick Baston & Clara May were married 17th September 1939.". Image.

14Frederick John Baston's Service & Pay Book 1. "
No 1698030 Baston, Frederick John
Front Cover and personal details.". Image.

15Frederick John Baston's Service & Pay Book 2. "
No 1698030 Baston, Frederick John
Details of training and clothing issue.". Image.

16Soldier's Rates of Pay WW2. "
How much a soldier was paid during WW2.". Image.

17Frederick John Baston Identity Tags 1939 - 1945 WW2. "
Worn by all soldiers in case of injury or death to enable identification
Inscribed " 1698030 BASTON C of E".". Image.

18WW2 Defence Medal. "
Awarded for Service in the Forces in non-operational areas subjected to air attack or closely threatened, providing such service last at least three years.". Image.

19WW2 War Medal. "
  This medal was awarded to all full-time personnel of the Armed Forces. Operational and non-operational service of at least 28 days counted. The Merchant Navy requirement stated that the 28 days minimum should be served at sea. The recipient was awarded this medal if their service period was terminated by their death, disability due to service or capture as a prisoner-of-war and their service qualified them for one of the stars. Also if the recipient had received one of the stars for a service period of less than 28 days, they were also awarded the War Medal.
  The War Medal shown above has the MID oak leaf attached to the ribbon.
  The UK War Medals were made from cupro-nickel, whilst the Canadian War Medal are made from silver.
  Those War Medals issued to UK personnel were not officially named.". Image.

20Frederick John Baston Record of Military Service Card, 1939. "
Royal Artillery CA & SL & CMP Records, Savoy Hotel, Bournemouth
No. 1698030 Gnr, Baston F J
R.A. 23.9.40 to 22.2.46
Dated 3.1.46.". "
Blazer Badge
The insignia of the Royal Artillery Regiment." Source Image. Citation Image.

21Frederick John Baston (born 1911) (taken in 1941). "
Frederick in his uniform, gunner Royal Artillery, noted on the back, taken in Wells Somerset (where he was posted at the time).". Image.

22Frederick John Baston (1911), Royal Artillery and his platoon. "Written on the reverse
To Mum & Dad with best of love your son Fred xxx
Gosforth 27-9-41 to 29-11-41
Frederick is marked.". Image.

23Photo 485/76 Searchlight Battery RA outside Wookey Hole Restaurant, Devon. "
Marked on reverse, March 14, 1943, Wookey Hole Restaurant, 485 HQ.". Image.

24Frederick John Baston in uniform with wife Clara abt 1944. Image.

25Frederick John Baston's Military Unit marching to Exeter Cathedral 1945. "
Frederick had this clipping in his personal Army papers and has marked himself on the picture.". Image.

26103 Florence Road, London N4 taken in 2004. "
Where Frederick John Baston lived in 1939 at the time of his marriage to Clara Lilian May.". Image.

27Frederick John Baston re-employment to GPO as workman Class II 1945. "
Gunner F J Baston 1698030 459/70 S/L Regt RA, Highea Barracks, Exeter, Devon
I am pleased to inform you that a Civil Service Certificate has been issued in your favour for the appointment as a skilled workman Class II from the 19th October 1945 with the notional date as from the 30th September 1945.  Your Seniority number is 6938 and your scale of pay 62/6d to 75/-.  Certificate s/169 is forwarded herewith for your retention.". Image.

28Frederick John Baston, Soldier's Release Book 1945. "
Army Book X 801, Soldier's Release Book, Class A
Baston, F J 1698030
28 Dec 1945 Taunton, Somerset.". Image.

29Frederick John Baston's National Identity Card 1945. "
BMA 4215849 Baston, Frederick J, 73 Upper Tollington Park, N4
Dated Dec 31 1945.". Image.

30Frederick John Baston re-employment in the Post Office warning letter 1946. "
F J Baston, 73 Upper Tollington Park, N4
According to records held in this office, your date of discharge from the Forces is the 22nd February 1946. It is understood you have expressed a desire to resume duty 25 Feb 1945, if this is so, I would point out to you that the two days absence February 23rd & 24th would constitute a break of service and you may have undesired repercussions for you in the future. I would therefore advise you to recommence duty on or before 23rd February 1946.". Image.

31Frederick John Baston, portrait about 1950?. "
Taken in Cobains Studio at Stroud Green Road, the Cobains lived next door to us at 75 Upper Tollington Park.". Image.

3273 Upper Tollington Park, London N4 (CAH image DSCF7713), Frederick John Basotn, 1950/1975. "
Where Frederick & Clara Baston and family lived 1950 - 1975.". Image.

33Frederick John Baston Particulars of Reservist 1952. "
23rd June 1952 REME Records, Leicester
Baston F J No 1698030 Gnr, REME EL/FTR.". Image.

34Frederick John Baston Particulars of Reservist 1952. Image.

35Frederick John Baston GPO Payslip 1953. "
11 Dec 1953 Baston F J, Tech 2A
Gross pay 8. 0s 0d.". Image.

36Frederick John Baston, promotion to Technician 1 in 1962. "
10th April 1962, Dear Mr Baston
I am pleased to inform you that your promotion to the rank of Technician I at RHQ (E/L(D&C)4 Group) has been approved with effect from the 4th April 1962.  Subject to check by the AGD your pay will be 14 8s 6d National plus 1 2s 0d Inner London Weighting, ie the fixed rate for the grade.
Yours sincerely.". Image.

37Frederick John Baston 1965 & 1975 entries in Telephone Directory. "
1965 Post Office Telephone Directory.
Baston, F J 73 Upper Tollington Park N4  ARCway 5176.
1975 Post Office Telephone Directory
Baston, F J 73 Upper Tollington Park N4 01 272 5176.". Image.

38Frederick John Baston GPO Payslip 1970. "
4 Dec 1970 Baston F J, Tech 1
Gross pay 29 3s 0d.". Image.

39Frederick John Baston and grand daughters (taken in 1993). "
Frederick John Baston with grand-daughters Rebecca and Rachel Baston.". Image.

40Frederick John Baston letter enclosing Imperial Service Medal. "
Imperial Service Medal awarded to Frederick John Baston in 1976 for service to GPO.". Image.

41Frederick John Baston's Imperial Service Medal 1976. "
Awarded in 1976 to Frederick John Baston for his services to the GPO
inscribed on the edge "Frederick John Baston".". Image.

42Coat of Arms - Baston, English Origin (1), Baston surname. "
Family Coat of Arms (from Burke's General Armory) - English Origin.
Shield: Quarterly per fesse indented or and az (Gold & Blue).
 Motto: None.
The  family name originated in Poitou, France and the surname traces its ancestral roots back to French origin."
There is also an  Arms of Cornish origin depicting 3 bats on a Silver background. Image.

9. Clara Lilian MAY

1Clara Lilian 1909 Holborn Birth Certificate Full, 1909 Holborn 1b/636/Sept Qtr. "
No 389 Holborn St Luke, 26 August 1909, City of London Hospital
Clara Lilian, Girl to Percy Charles May, Kitchen Porter & Clara Jane May formerly Brown of 14 Woodville Grove Islington
Informant: C J May Mother, Registered: 30 August 1909.". Image.

2Clara Lilian Baston (ne May) 1985 Death Certificate, Entry No 88 Hertford and Ware. "
10th October 1985, Hertford County Hospital, Hertford.
Clare Lilian Baston (nee May). DOB: 26th August 1909, Islington London
Wife of Frederick John Baston, GPO Technician (retired), 2 Swallow Court, North Road, Hertford.
Cause of death: Cerebrovascular accident.  Date of Registration: 10th October 1985.". Image.

3Frederick & Clara Lilian Baston Cemetery Plaque, Hertford, Herts, Clara Baston, 1985, CAH image DSCF7929. "
Cemetery Marker, Frederick & Clara (Doris) Baston.
Hertford Cemetery Garden of Rememberance, Hertford, Herts.". "
Clara Lilian Baston (Doris).
26-8-1909 to 10-10-1985.
Forever remembered now at peace,
Treasured memories will never cease,
Your loving husband, Fred and Family." Image.

4Percy & Clara May, 1911 census Islington, London, RG14PN912_RG78PN32_RD10_SD6_ED10_SN260, 2 Apr 1911, Public Record Office, Kew, London. "
1 Rosemary Street, Islington - 1 room.
Percy Charles May, head, age 28, married 2 years, licenced pedlar born Islington.
Clara Jennie May wife age 23, married 2 years born St Lukes, London.
Clara Lilian May daughter age 19 months born City Road or St Lukes." Image.

5Clara Lilian Baston nee May. ""Doris".". Image.

6Clara May 1923, School Report. "
  Sebbon Street School, Islington, July 25th 1923
  Clara May is an intelligent girl, interested in all her work but especially in needlework.  She is always courteous and ready to help and has the determination necessary for achieving a good result.
   We hope that she will get work as an embroideress or in another trade where needlework is required for we feel she will do well.
  S G Farmer, Head Mistress.". Image.

7Frederick John Baston & Clara May on holiday abt 1937. "On holiday somewhere.". Image.

8Frederick John Baston & Clara Lilian May wedding 1939. "
17 September 1939
Parish Church, Stroud Green, London N4.". Image.

9Frederick John Baston & Clara Lilian May with Bridesmaids. "
17 Sep 1939, Parish Church, Stroud Green
Left to Right
Best Man?,  Ronnie May, Frederick John Baston, Clara Lilian May, Annie May, Arthur May.". Image.

10Frederick John Baston & Clara Lilian May's wedding, large family group (1939). "
Front Row
Best Man, Annie May, Frederick J Baston, Clara Lilian May, Tessie Rosina May, Charlie May
Second Row
?, ?, Clara Jane May, Emma Lowry, Lizzie Reddin, ?, ?
Third Row
? Tom Reddin, ? ? ? ? ?
Back Row
? ? Catherine May, ? ? ? ?.". Image.

11Clara Lilian Baston and son Roger with mother Clara Jane May 1946. Image.

12Clara Lilian Baston, about 1950?. "
Taken in Cobains Studio at Stroud Green Road, they lived next door to us at 75 Upper Tollington Park.". Image.

1373 Upper Tollington Park, London N4 (CAH image DSCF7713), Clara Baston, 1950/1975. "
Where Frederick & Clara Baston and family lived 1950 - 1975.". "
where Clara lived 1953 to 1975." Image.

14Coat of Arms - May, English origin (, May surname. "
Shield: Red with a gold horizontal stripe between eight gold squares.
Crest: A leopard's head emerging from a crown.
Motto: None.
  The May family name dates back to 1066 when the Norman Conquest of England introduced a plethora of new names and words into Britain. It comes from an early member of the family who was a person born or baptized in the month of May. The name May is derived from the Old French word mai, which has cognates in the other European languages that were all derived from the Latin word Maius. This name was also a nickname for a person with a particularly sunny disposition or a person who had an anecdotal connection with the month of May. Often this connection would be the time that feudal obligations were owed. Nicknames, such as May, that described the time or season of the birth, baptism or conversion of the original bearer were frequently adopted in the medieval era. Additionally, numerous nicknames referred to various religious festivals, medieval name days, or the particular day of the week when feudal services were fulfilled.
   Spelling variations include: May, Mai, Maye and others.  First found in Sussex where they were anciently seated as Lords of the manor of Faunt." Image.

15Coat of Arms - May, German origin (, May surname. "
German Origin.
The Shield: Blue background with a silver tower.
The Crest: Five ostrich feathers.
The motto:  None.
  The German surname may first emerged in the Rhineland, and means, simply, "May." The name was most likely originally borne by someone who was either born in the month of May or particularly fond of the spring.
  Spelling variations include: May, Mai, Mais, Maye, Mey, de May, du May, Maya and many more.  First found in the Rhineland, where this family was a prominent contributor to the development of the district from ancient times." Image.

10. William Leslie BISSETT

1William Leslie Bissett 1914 (Original) Birth Certificate, 1914/Mar/Edmonton/3a/10_5_60. "
William Leslie Bissett, 22nd January 1914
No36 Book 43 Edmonton, West Tottenham.". Image.

2William Bissett 1998, Andover Death Certificate. "
11 November 1998, Countess of Brecknock Memorial Hospital
William Leslie Bissett, Dental Technician (retired), 148 Pilgrims Way Andover
Informant: Velma Bissett, daughter, 114 Pilgrims Way.". Image.

3William Leslie Bissett & Lottie Louise Bowker 1936 Marriage Certificate. "
No 333 13th December 1936, Christ Church, West Green N15.
William Leslie Bissett age 22 Factory Handyman, 66 Avondale Road N15
Father: James Charles Bissett Stereotyper
Lottie Louise Bowker age 21, 66 Avondale Road N15
Father: Thomas Bowker (deceased) Soldier
Witnesses: George James Bissett & John Coronation Barrett.". Image.

4William Leslie Bissett 1914. "
Aged 9 months.". Image.

5William Leslie Bissett about 1920. "
First day at school?.". Image.

6William Leslie Bissett 1930. "
Aged 16.". Image.

7William & Lottie Bissett, Southend. Image.

8Bill & Lil Bissett, daughters Yvonne, Velma with Harry Bissett & a friend. "
The gang, with Buster the dog.". Image.

9Bill & Lil Bissett, Christmas 1981. Image.

10William Bissett about 1990. "
William Leslie Bissett.". Image.

11William Bissett's 80th Birthday (1994). "
With wife Lottie (Lil) and daughters Yvonne & Velma.". Image.

12Coat of Arms - Bissett (, Bissett. "
Bissett Shield: Blue with a silver diagonal sash.
Bissett Crest: A tree stump with green oak leaves.
Bissett Motto: Abscissa Virescrit.
Origin Displayed: Scottish
Spelling variations include: Bissett, Bisset, Bisside, Bisseth, Bizet, Biseth and others.
First found in Rossshire, Scotland." Image.

11. Lottie Louise BOWKER

1Lottie Louise Bowker 1915 Islington Birth Certificate. "
No 499 Islington 22 April 1915, Lottie Louise Bowker girl
Father: John Thomas Bowker Laundry Carman
Mother: Lottie Louise Bowker formerly Hayward
Informant Lottie Louise Bowker, 35 Mitford Road, Islington
Registered: 1 June 1915.". Image.

2Lottie Louise Bissett 1997 Death Certificate. "
27th November 1997
Countess of Brecknock Memorial Hospital, Andover.
Lottie Louise Bissett formerly Bowker, Born 22nd April 1915.
Wife of William Bissett.  Informant: Velma Baston daughter.". Image.

3Lottie Louise Bissett 1915 - 1997 Memorial Card. Image.

4Marriage 1936 William Bissett & Lottie Bowker, West Green N18. Image.

5Lottie (Lil) Bissett and daughter Yvonne, 1939. Image.

6Lil Bissett (ne Bowker). "
Taken about 1996, Pilgrims Way, Andover.". Image.

7Coat of Arms - Bowker ( "
Sheild: Silver with a diagonal stripe between two blue eagles.
Crest: A lion rampant on a tower.
Motto: None.
Origin Displayed: English.
Spelling variations include: Bowker, Bowcher, Boucher and others. First found in Lincolnshire. They were originally from Beaucir in Calvados in Normandy, and arrived in England with Duke William in 1066." Image.

5. Yvonne BISSETT

1Yvonne Bissett 1938 Edmonton Birth Certificate. "
No 319 1938 Edmonton, 24 March 1938 N Middx Cty Hospital
Yvonne Iris, girl. Father: William Leslie Bissett Dental Mechanic
Mother: Lottie Louise Bissett formerly Bowker
16 Malham Terrace, Dysons Rd, Registered: 23 April 1938.". Image.

2Yvonne Izzard 2001 Canada, Memorial Card. "
Yvonne Izzard.  Born  March 24th 1938.  Died October 27th 2001
Funeral Service to be conducted at St Jude's Anglican Church on Friday November 2nd 2001 at 11.00 am.". Image.

3Alan & Yvonne Izzard family from Canada. "
Rear, left to Right, Paul, Helen (married to Mark), Alan, Debbie (married to Paul), Steve Ferris (married to Debbie), Mark.
Front, Daniella? Yvonne & ?, Debbie holding Josh.". Image.

4Debbie, Paul & Mark Izzard, summer 1966. Image.

12. Ebenezer Lipson PEGRUM

1Ebenezer Lipsom Pegrum 1884 Walthamstow Birth Certificate, 1884/Dec/West Ham/4a/250a. "
No 290 19th October 1884 Wood St Walthamstow
Ebenezer Lipson,  boy to Joshua Pegrum, Confectioner & Laura Annie Pegrum formerly Lipson
Informant J Pegrum, father, 24th November 1884.". Image.

2Ebenezer Lipson Pegrum 1972 Waltham Forest Death GRO, General Register Office, 1972/Dec/Waltham For/5e/966. "born 21st October 1884.".

3Ebenezer Pegrum & Charlotte Sale 1921 Walthamstow Marriage Certificate, 1921/Jun/W Ham/4a/390. "
No 207, Parish Church, Walthamstow, April 21st 1921
Ebenezer Pegrum, age 36, bachelor, Pastry Cook, 61 Shernhall St & Charlotte Emma Sale, age 25, spinster, 21 Buckingham St, Aylesbury
Fathers: Joshua Pegrum, retired & Harry Sale, Art Dealer
Witnesses: Henry Sale, H A Sale & Joshua Pergrum, Leonard Pegrum.". Image.

4Joshua & Laura Pegrum, 1891 Census Walthamstow, Essex, RG12/1355/127/1, 5 Apr 1891, Public Record Office, Kew, London. "
4 Wood St, Walthamstow
Joshua Pegrum head age 36 Baker/Confectioner born Nazeing
Laura Pegrum wife age 31 born Clapton, Middx
Ethel daughter age 10 scholar born Walthamstow
May daughter age 8
Ebenezer son age 6
Elsie daughter age 4
Nellie daughter age 3
Ronald son age 1 born Walthamston." Image.

5Joshua & Laura Pegrum, 1901 Census Walthamstow, Essex, RG13/1629/112/41, 31 Mar 1901, Public Record Office, Kew, London. "
163 Wood St
Joshua Pegrum head age 46 Baker/Confectioner born Nazeing
Laura Pegrum wife age 41 born Clapton
Ethel daughter age 20 Music Teacher born Walthamstow
May daughter age 18 born Walthamstow
Ebenezer son age 16 Baker Journeyman born Walthamstow
Elsie daughter age 14 born Walthamstow
Nellie daughter age 13 born Walthamstow
Ronald son age 11 born Walthamstow
Winifred daughter age 6 born Walthamstow." Image.

6Ebenezer & Charlotte Pegrum 1928 (Pegrum family album). Image.

13. Charlotte Emma SALE

1Charlotte Emma Pegrum (nee Sale?) 1987 bn 1896 Death GRO, General Register Office, Redbridge 14/1407/Apr 1987. "aged 91, born 15th January 1896.".

2Henry & Louisa Sale, 1901 Census Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, RG13/1355/67/4, 1901, National Archives, Kew, London, England. "
21 Buckingham St
Henry Sale head age 36 Cabinet Mkr born Aylesbury
Louisa Sale wife age 39 born Aylesbury
Henry Sale son age 13
Maud Sale daughter age 12
Millie Sale daughter age 8
Charlotte Sale daughter age 5
Emma Sale daughter age 1." Image.

3Ebenezer & Charlotte Pegrum Golden Wedding 1972 (Pegrum family album). Image.

4Coat of Arms - Sale ( "
PEGRUM Shield: Silver with a black diagonal stripe on which there are three fleur de lis.
PEGRUM Crest: A black arrowhead.
PEGRUM Motto: Timere Sperno.
The dates back to the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain.  It is derived from their residence in the county of Cheshire where they held the estate of Sale.  The surname was originally derived from the old English word Soel which refers to a hall.
Spelling variatons include: Sale, Sail, Sales, Salle, Salley, Sally, Sallete, Sallett and many more.". Image.

14. Kenneth Frederick HOLMAN

1Kenneth Frederick Holman 1905 Newton Abbot, Devon Birth GRO, General Register Office, 1905/Sep/Newton Abbot/5b/131.

2Kenneth Frederick Holman 1997 Torbay Death GRO, Oct 1997/Torbay/C30A/276. "
Born 22nd August 1905, died age 92." 25 Oct 1905 (Holman family file).

3Kenneth Holman abt 1909 (Holman family album). Image.

4Bill & Ken Holman abt 1913 (Holman family album). Image.

5Kenneth & Winifred Holman wedding (Holman album). "
Family group on their wedding day in 1945 at Paingnton, Devon.". Image.

6Ken Holman abt 1948? (Holman family album). Image.

7Ken, Gert, Mabel & Frank Homan (Holman family album). Image.

15. Winifred Louisa TAYLOR

1Winifred Louise Taylor 1905 Totnes, Devon Birth GRO, General Register Office, 1905/Sep/Totnes/5b/138.

2Winifred Louise Holman 1991 Torbay Death GRO, General Register Office, 1991/Dec/Torbay/21/2534. "aged 86, born 21st July 1905.".

3Winifred Taylor abt 1908 (Holman family album). Image.

4Harry, Louisa & Winifred Taylor (Holman family album). Image.

5Winifred Taylor abt 1921 (Holman family album). Image.

6Marriage of Kenneth Holman & Winifred Taylor 1935 Paington (Holman album). Image.

7Paignton, Devonl, St John's Church. Image.

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