Baston Coat of Arms

Baston Family Genealogy

Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch and Whitechapel, London from 1785, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire

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Baston Coat of Arms

Ancestors of Adam Luke John BASTON of Andover, Hampshire, UK


16. Frederick BASTON

1885 born 45 Havelock Road, Hackney.
1891 Census Age 5, scholar, 16 Victoria Grove, Hackney.
1901 Census Age 15, Wood Worker Cabinet, 16 Victoria Grove Hackney.
1908 Marriage Age 23, Camera Maker, 6 Victoria Grove, Hackney.
1911 27 Valentine Road, birth of Frederick John.
1913 10 Daubeney Road birth of Alice Emily.
1914 10 Daubeney Road death of Alice Emily.

17. Emma EUESDEN

1891 Census 64 Chapman Road, Hackney
1901 Census 61 Holmbrook St, Hackney
1908 Marriage lived 6 Victoria Grove (Marriage to Frederick Baston)
1911 lived 27 Valentine Road, Frederick John Birth Certificate
1913 lived 10 Daubeney Road, Homerton birth of Alice
1916 Death of husband Frederick Baston.
1922 Married Albert Lowery lived 8 Paragon Road.
1950's lived 57 Loddiges Road, Hackney
1963 lived 73 Upper Tollington Park, N4

18. Percy Charles MAY

1883 7 Lampeter St, Islington when born.
1891 Census, Aged 8, 4 Lampeter St, Islington.
1901 Census, age 18, 71 Ridley Road, Hackney.
1909 April, Marriage to Mary Brodie, 11 Pimlico Walk.
1909 August, 14 Woodville Grove, Islington, Birth Clara Lilian.
1911 42 Baring Street, Islington, Licensed Hawker according to Charlie May's birth certificate.

19. Clara Jane BROWN FISHER

1888 Birth Certificate Gt Arthur Street, Islington
Census: 1891 Census age 2, 4 Baltic Place, Islington
Census: 1901 Census 27 Fairbank St, Shoreditch living with step-sister Tessy Devenport (nee Brown).
1909 April, Marriage to Percy May, 11 Pimlico Walk, Islington.
1909 August, 14 Woodville Grove, Islington, Birth of Clara Lilian.
1911 42 Barring Street, Islington, birth of Charles May.
1913 114 Matthias Road, Hackney birth of Percy (Arthur) May.
1915 111 Balls Pond Road, Kingsland, birth of Annie May.
1919 3 Canonbury Avenue, Islington birth of Tessie Rosina May

9. Charles George William MAY

1911 42 Baring Steet, Islington, birth certificate.
1937 8 Marquis Road, Stroud Green, London, marriage certificate.
1940 45 Florence Road, birth of son David.
1996 (at death) lived 27 Bucklinham House, 3 Salisbury Avenue, Westcliff on Sea, Essex

9. Percy Arthur Alexander MAY

1959 33 Granville Road, London N4 - Telephone Directory entry.

9. Annie Mabel MAY

1972 - 1976, 17 Charlton Road, Edmonton - Telephone Directory listing.

9. Tessie Rosina MAY

1952 6 Oxford Road, London N4 - Telephone Directory listing.
1955 6 Oxford Road, London N4 - Telephone Directory listing.
After leaving Finsbury Park, for some time they lived in Wandsworth I think (note made by Carol Harmond)

10. Harry T BISSETT

Didn't marry

22. Thomas John BOWKER

1892 17 Andover Road, Islington on birth certificate
1901 census age 8 10 Andover Road, Islington
1915 35 Mitford Road, Islington at Marriage
1936 Soldier (deceased) Marriage Cert of Lottie Bowker.

24. Joshua PEGRUM

1891 Census age 36 4 Wood Street, Walthamstow, Baker/confectioner
1901 Census age 46 143 Wood Street, Baker/confectioner

26. Henry SALE

Date of death from Elizabeth Pegrum family file 2006


Maiden name from Elizabeth Pegrum family file 2006

30. Harry John TAYLOR

Birth & death dates from Elizabeth Pegrum 2006.
Harry John Taylor should have been called Henry but a mistake was made and was registered Harry.

31. Louisa WALTERS

Birth & death dates from Elizabeth Pegrum 2006

  I'm still researching so if you have anything to add or correct then
please email Baston Family Genealogy

Please mention the RIN number attached to a person's name as it is very difficult for me to know for which John, William, Thomas, Edward etc you wish to have more information.

Thank you

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