Baston Coat of Arms

Baston Family Genealogy

Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch and Whitechapel, London from 1785, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire

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Baston Coat of Arms

Ancestors of Adam Luke John BASTON of Andover, Hampshire, UK


64. Frederick William BASTON

1831 Baptism, Heneage St, Whitechapel
1832 Heneage St, death of mother
1841 census aged 10, 6 Little Suffolk Street, Southwark living with Mary Cole
1851 census aged 20, 10 Essex Street, Appr Boot Maker Born Shoreditch
1856 10 Essex Street, Haggerstone (William Birth Certificate)
1861 census aged 29, 46 Gt Cambridge St. Shoemaker born Shoreditch.
1862 46 Gt Cambridge St. Death of daughter Mary
1871 Census aged 39, 111 Gt Cambridge St, Shoemaker, Born Shoreditch.
1877 13 Edith Street (William Elizabeth Marriage Certificate).
1881 Census aged 49, 13 Edith Street, Shoe maker
1881 13 Edith Street  (Thomas Sarah Marriage Certificate).
1891 Census aged 59, 16 Victoria Grove, Shoemaker, Born Whitechapel.
1899 Death Certificate, 16 Victoria Grove.
Shown as Frederick William on his christening and his son William's birth certificate, elsewhere as just Frederick.
  In 1851 Frederick is shown working at No 6 Essex Street as an apprentice to a Mr Tandy, master shoe maker, at No 12 in the same road was John Wm & Ann Collins also a master shoemaker, by 1861 Frederick is working for William & Ann Collins, a shoe manufacturer who was John's son.  Another interesting note is that Frederick & Mary's great grandson, Frederick John Baston married Clara Lilian May the great grand daughter of Charles & Mary Brodie and both families lived a few doors apart in Gt Cambridge Street according to the 1861 census.
  I have been unable to find any trace of the marriage of Frederick & Mary so it is quite possible that they never actually married.

65. Mary Ann SEARES

1841 age 10 Featherstone St, Finsbury living with sister or mother Jane Atkinson (nee Seares)
1861 age 30, 46 Gt Cambridge Street
1871 age 38, 111 Gt Cambridge Street
1881 age 50, 13 Edith Street
1891 age 60, 16 Victoria Grove
1900 age 68, 16 Victoria Grove - Death Certificate

I have been unable to trace much of the family of Mary or her marriage to Frederick William Baston.  On all of the children's birth certificates Mary is shown as "Mary Ann Baston formerly Sayers or Seares", (the spread of Sayers or Seares is 50/50).

1855 Frederick born, mother Seares.
1856 William born, mother Seares.
1860 Mary Ann born, mother Sayers.
1862 Thomas born, mother Sayers.
1865 John born, mother Seares.
1868 Emily born, mother Sears.
1870 Henry born, mother Sayers.
1876 Emma born, mother Sears.

This suggests they were married but this is not always the case as for the sake of appearances the details were sometimes given like this.

I did have 3 very possible candidates, but following further investigation 2 of these died in infancy and the other married an Edward Spall.  A fourth and probable candidate shows a Mary Ann Seares on the 1841 census as age 10 living with Henry & Jane Atkinson, the marriage of Henry & Jane shows Jane's maiden name as Seares.  In the 1851 Cenus Jane is shown as being born in Clerkenwell, where Mary is shown as being born in the 1861 - 1901 census', so Mary is either orphaned and living with her sister or living with her natural mother and her sisters' husband who may even have been the father when Jane was about 17.

32. Frederick BASTON

1855 10 Essex Street at birth
1855 10 Essex Street at death age 10 weeks

32. William BASTON

1856 Birth Certificate, 10 Essex St
1861 aged 5, scholar 46 Gt Cambridge St
1871 Aged 15, Rough Stuff Cutter, 111 Gt Cambridge St, Hackney
1877 Married Elizabeth Fordham, living 13 Edith St. Haggerstone.
1886 Death certificate of wife Elizabeth, 69 Cypress St, Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green.
1891 Aged 35, Boot Laster, 16 Victoria Grove, Hackney
1901 Aged 45, Boot Laster 16 Victoria Grove, Hackney

32. Mary Ann BASTON

1861 Census aged 4 months born Shoreditch
1862 Death, 46 Great Cambridge Street, Hackney.

32. John BASTON

1865 46 Gt Cambridge St, birth certificate
1867 46 Gt Cambridge St, death certificate

32. Emily BASTON

1871 Aged 3, 111 Gt Cambridge St, Hackney.
1871 Death 5th June 1871, 111 Gt Cambridge Street.

32. Henry BASTON

1871 Aged 9 months, 111 Gt Cambridge St, Hackney
1891 Aged 20 (Shown as Harry on listing index), Laster, 16 Victoria Grove, Hackney.
1901 Aged 30, Boot Laster 16 Victoria Grove, Hackney.
Later lived in Tudor Grove (info from Rosemary O'Gorman).

Strange, this one, couldn't find his birth anywhere, wasn't until I checked Sears that it came to light.  For some reason Mary registered his birth without any father shown and in her maiden name, but his baptism shows her Frederick as the father.

32. Emma BASTON

1881 Aged 5, 13 Edith Street
1891 Aged 15, 16 Victoria Grove
1901 Aged 25, Tie Maker 16 Victoria Grove

66. Henry (William Henry?) NOBLE

1841 census age 18 Skinner Street Without
1849 baptism of daughter Mary shown as "William Henry"
1851 census age 28 11 Union Buildings, Carman
1861 census age 40 3 Smiths Buildings, Carman
1861 November, 3 Baker's Rents, birth of daughter Sarah.
1871 census age 49 15 Socrates Place, Labourer
1878 death of wife Mary 18 Brunswick Street.
1881 census age 60 Widow 44 Brunswick Street, Carman
1888 death age 62 lived 45 Havelock Road, Hackney.


67. Mary Ann Augustus BIGGS

1821 born St Leonard's, Shoreditch.
1841 census age 20 11 Union Bldgs, Shoreditch.
1844 married Henry Noble, lived Union Street
1851 census age 26 11 Union Bldgs, Shoreditch.
1861 census age 41 3 Smith's Bldgs, Shoreditch.
1871 census age 49 15 Socrate's Place, Shoreditch.
1878 death 18 Brunswick Street, Hackney.

33. Henry NOBLE

1871 Carman Aged 19
I've manually looked through the St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch, Baptism Register but there is no record of his baptism shown (CAH).

33. Richard NOBLE

1871 Labourer Aged 12

33. John NOBLE

1871 Errand Boy Aged 12

68. Joseph William EUSDEN

1832 Baptism, St Leonard's, Shoreditch
1855 Marriage Certificate, Fuller Street, Bethnal Green.
1871 Census James Street, Hackney
1881 Census Eaton Place, Hackney

70. Henry Thomas KNAGGS

Father of Thomas Henry 1836 is shown on the marriage certificate as Thomas Phillip Knaggs, Thomas & James are often misinterpreted and there is no trace of a Thomas Phillip Knaggs or anything similar. There is a James Phillip/Phillip James Knaggs which fits perfectly including Thomas' mothers name, Eliza.  As well as the Whitby Knaggs there are also a family of Knaggs from Sunderland, County Durham in the Kensington & Pancras area of London whom appear to be completely unconnected..

1841 Census, Popham Street, Finsbury age 5.
1858 4 Ironmonger Row married Emma Rothwell.
1861 Census, 2 Chequers Alley age 25 Rolio Weaver.
1871 Census, 3 Hull's Terrace age 34 Wool Weaver.
1911 17 Chapman Road, Hackney Wick, death certificate age 75.

71. Emma [Rothwell] GOODWIN

  I can find no trace of either Emma, William or Alfred's birth registration or
baptism.  I have a feeling that they were registered as Goodwin.  Later confirmed with the location of Emma & William birth certificates as Goodwin, mother Susan Rothwell and their baptisms at St Thomas' Charterhouse, Finsbury.
  11 children (7 living, 4 died) according to the 1911 census.

35. Alice Charlotte KNAGGS

1911 Alice Simpson, daughter 17 Chapman Road, Hackney present at death of father Henry Thomas Knaggs.

72. George MAY

1829 Baptism, Chiddingstone, Kent
1841 Census, age 8, Highfield, Shoreham, Kent
1851 Census age 21, Leigh, Sevenoaks, Kent
1861 Census, age 31, George May was working in London (see census 1861 for George May) but his wife Eliza and children were still in Bromley Kent (see 1861 Census for Eliza May).
1871 Census age 40, 6 Farwig Lane, Bromley
1881 Census age 50 living Stanley Road, Tonbridge with Martha
1881 Married Martha Prior in London City
1907 Death certificate 66 St James Road, Tonbridge age 77.

73. Eliza CARTER

1841 Census age 8 living "Funks", Bromley
1850 age 19, Married George May, living Ide Hill, Sundridge, Kent
1851 Census age 20 living Leigh, Bromley
1861 Census age 29, living Farwig Lane, Bromley George her husband was working away in London (see 1861 census for Finsbury).
1871 Census age 38 living Farwig Lane, Bromley

36. Emily Ellen MAY

Possibly shown as Fanny E on 1861 Census.
Possibly shown as Emily Ellen May on GRO record as she may have preferred the name Fanny.

36. George Allen MAY

Married? Jane Farr date unknown.
Married Florence Horwood 1889 Sep qtr Bethnal Green, London.

It looks like George married his second wife in 1889, Florence before Jane died in 1892 or perhaps there was a divorce or George & Jane were not married.

George A May was present at the death of his brother Percy - (Inf: G A May, brother, 36 Blandford Avenue, Beckenham, Kent).

36. Frederick MAY

1907 lived 35 Devonshire Road, Hoe Street, Walthamstow - death certificate of father, George

36. Mary Ann MAY

Not on 1871 census.

74. Charles BRODIE

1841 census King's Buildings, Southwark age 7
1851 census 1 Grott Place Southwark age 15
1860 30 Appleby Street, married Mary Ann Debrett 25 December in St Mary's Haggerstone.
1861 census 8 Gt Cambridge St, Hackney, a Bedstead Maker age 26.
1871 census 1 Little Mo St, Shoreditch, Labourer.
1881 census 16 Boston St, Shoreditch, Bedstead Maker.
1882 5 Columbia Road, Bethnal Green, Cabinet Maker according to Percy & Mary Marriage Certificate.
1891 census 2 King's Square, Shoreditch, a widower and Cabinet Maker.
1903 death, Shoreditch.

76. John FISHER

1841 Census, age 14 Longcott, Berkshire with parent
1841 Census, age 15 Servant, Westmoreland Street, Marylebone (possibly entered by both his parents and employers)
1851 Census, age 24 Porter, 57 Marylebone Lane
1851 Marriage Certificate, Porter, Waterloo Road
1861 Census, age 34 Porter, 19 Frederick Place, Islington

78. Richard JORDAN

1800 baptised Friern Barnet, Finchley.
????  Married (unknown)
1822 Shown as widower at 2nd Marriage to Mary Chalk
1841 Census, Hunt Street, Whitechapel
1851 Census, Silk St, Cripplegate, City
1852 Death of second wife.
1854 3rd Marriage, to Emma Barnes, Silk Street, City.
1861 Census, age 65 3 Bedliness Court, Cripplegate
1871 Census, 5 Albion Buildings, Finsbury
1879 Master Butcher at marriage of daughter Tessie
1889 Shown as father deceased on 2nd Marriage of Jessie Brown (nee Jordan) to William Fisher

80. Henry Alexander BISSETT

1855 5 Evans St, Mariner on marriage certificate
1871 Census age 77 47 Bellemy St, Barnsbury

81. Eliza Ann BURTON

1841 Census Provost Street, Shoreditch age 5
1851 Census 1 Westmoreland Place, Finsbury age 14
1855 5 Evans Street, Poplar on marriage certificate
1871 47 Bellemy Street, Islington age 33

82. James William Metcalf ADNEY

Boot Manufacturer on Marriage Certificate of James Bissett and Annie Adney

88. Edwin BOWKER

1822 Baptism Battersea
1851 Census age 29 Manor Farm Diary, Clapham
1861 Census age 38 Warder, Tavistock, Devon
1871 Census age 49 Master Carman Islington
1881 Census age 60 Labourer, Islington
1891 Census age 69 Carman, Battersea
1901 Death, Wandsworth

90. William Sturland (Stirling) WATERS

1880 Solicitors Clerk on daughter Louisa's Marriage Certificate

94. William George WILSON

Shown as a Coal Merchant on marriage certificate of daughter Emily.

97. Elizabeth MUMFORD

Date of death from Pegrum family file (Note, could be wrong as she is not shown on the 1841 census with Samuel).

  I'm still researching so if you have anything to add or correct then
please email Baston Family Genealogy

Please mention the RIN number attached to a person's name as it is very difficult for me to know for which John, William, Thomas, Edward etc you wish to have more information.

Thank you

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