Baston Coat of Arms

Baston Family Genealogy

Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch and Whitechapel, London from 1785, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire

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Baston Coat of Arms

Ancestors of Adam Luke John BASTON of Andover, Hampshire, UK


256. Francis BASTON

1761 Baptism St Mary's Church, Bampton.
1782 Married Ann Smith in St Mary the Virgin, Ipsden.
1783 Birth of son John, baptised 13th April 1783 in  Checkendon.
1783 Death of first wife, Ann Smith, 29th April 1783, buried in Ipsden.
1783 Death of son John 2 days later, 1st May 1783, buried in Ipsden.
1784 Married second wife Anne Brown 13th October 1784 in St Nicholas' Rotherfield Greys, shown as a widower & a Yeoman on the Licence. (see source text for definition of a Yeoman)
1786 Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire - birth of son Francis, baptised 1786.
1793 St George's, Southwark - Baptism of daughter Mary Ann.
1796 Tabernacle Walk - Baptism of George Thomas.
1800 Tabernacle Walk - death of son Joseph
1802 Tabernacle Walk, Shoreditch - Baptism of son John Joseph.
1808 Matthew Street, Shoreditch - Baptism of son William James.
1813 Burial age 52 in Bunhill Fields, lived Paul Street, Shoreditch at the time of his death. (Francis died 7 weeks after his father, Jonathan, perhaps Francis had visited his ailing father and caught the same disease).
It appears that Francis & Ann's son Francis, was injured and hospitalized in the Chelsea Hospital whilst serving with the 15th Dragoon's.

128. Francis BASTON

1786 Baptism, St Nicholas, Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire.
1809 - 1819 Served with the 15th Royal Hussars.
1810 Married Sarah Brown, St Mary's, Whitechapel, London.
1827 Witness at his brother, John Joseph Baston's wedding, Christ Church, Blackfriars, London.
1828 Death aged 42, buried Christ Church, Spitalfields, lived in Vine Court, London.
I found Francis' marriage & burial quite early on in my research and the only item to tie him to Francis & Ann was as the name of a witness at John Joseph Baston's wedding.  I had found both his marriage in 1810 and his burial, in 1828 aged 42, which gave me his approximate year of birth as 1796, but it wasn't until 2 years later, after I'd found that his father, Francis' first wife had died in childbirth and he had remarried in Rotherfield Greys in 1784 that the baptism of Francis in Rotherfield Greys, 1786 came to light and fitted perfectly with his estimated year of birth from his burial record, subsequent location of his military record also helped prove the link.

128. Mary Ann BASTON

1815 married Thomas Cole at St Giles' Church, Reading.
1827 was witness at the marriage of her brother John to Mary Ann Browne
1841 census, 'guardian' of the orphaned 10 year old Frederick William Baston,.
1844 married as a widow to John Hunt at St John's Church, Waterloo.

I added Mary as a daughter to Francis & Ann as she indicated on her second marriage in 1844 that her father was Francis Baston, finding Mary's 1793 baptism in Southwark has since confirmed this.  Upon comparing her signature for the 1844 marriage, it is identical to the Mary Ann Cole witness to the 1827 marriage of John Joseph Baston & Mary Browne.  This now explains why Frederick Baston aged 10 is shown living with a Mary Cole in the 1841 census, she was his aunt, bless her.

128. Joseph BASTON

1800 Tabernacle Walk at burial age 11 months

128. William James BASTON

1808 Baptism, Matthew St, Shoreditch
1829 Marriage to Ann Browne,  St Mary Newington
1830 Pitt Street, Baptism of Maria
1832 Marshall Street, Baptism of Elizabeth
1835 Marshall Street, Baptism of Emma
1837 St Georges Row, Baptism of Eliza
1840 Garden Row, Baptism of William
1841 Census Garden Row, Southwark, Upholsterer
1843 Garden Row, Baptism of James
1845 Poplar Row, Baptism of Mary
1847 Death Certificate 22 Poplar Row, Newington (M Baston (Maria?) present at death.
1847 Burial, St Mary's, Newington.

258. Samuel BROWNE

Samuel was a grocer (dec'd) on daughter Ann's 2nd marriage in 1852.

280. Jackson KNAGGS

1782 Jackson is shown as a mariner on his son Jacob Jackson's baptismal record.
1787 3 Cup Alley Shoreditch baptism of John
1789 3 Cup Alley Shoreditch baptism of William
1796 3 Cup Alley Shoreditch baptism of Thomas
1800 3 Cup Alley Shoreditch baptism of Phillip James.

140. Thomas KNAGGS

1816 Married Elizabeth Conner at  St John Hackney.

288. Jonathan MAY

  Jonathan had 2 sets of possible parents - these are to only 2 John/Jonathan's in Kent born about 1761 (birth year from Jonathan's burial).
  1/ John May & Sarah Fisher of Farningham (John's baptism shows him as Jo. May) - christened John as John in 1761.  (further investigations show there is a John at Farningham who had died before he reached marrying age and another John at Farningham who went on to marry and have his own family, so it's not either of these).
  2/ John Steevens or May and Mary Whale, shown as "John Stevens or May" on Jonathan's 1761 baptism record - possibly took the "or May" surname - investigations as to why have yet proved inconclusive.  The original register shows that John Stevens was actually baptised as Jonathan Stevens.
  The same time Jonathan appeared in Chiddingstone, so did a Hannah, who had a base born child called William baptised in Chiddingstone.  It looks as though Hannah came from Catsfield being baptised in 1778 to William & Philadelphia May and is a cousin to Jonathan.  Jonathan (John) MAY OR STEVENS-1046 and Hannah MAY-1220 are 1st cousins 1 time removed.  Their common ancestors are William MAY-5977 and Elizabeth BROOKS-5978
  Prior to Jonathan May's arrival in Chiddingstone there are no other records of the May family in Chiddingstone so they must have come from another village in the area and the only candidates I can find are the Stevens from Shoreham or the May's from Farningham.

144. John MAY

Married Harriet Coleman 18 Oct 1814, Ashurst, Kent

144. Ann MAY

Married John Best 28 Mar 1815, St Mary's Chiddingstone.
Death Dec.1870 Sevenoaks 2a 310 age 75 years (= b1795)

144. William MAY

Married Rosetta Staples 1 May 1819 St Mary's Chiddingstone.
Shown as a Labourer on children's Baptism records.
Son of Jonathan May as shown on his father Jonathan's cemetery burial record which shows a list of surviving children.

144. Harriot MAY

Married William Pelling 4 Aug 1820 St Mary's Chiddingstone.

144. Richard MAY

Name obtained from burial record of Jonathan May in 1819 where it had a list of surviving family.
Married Mary Pelling 30 May 1828 Leigh, Kent.

300. Lewis DEBRETT

Shown as a "Blacksmith" on his son Lewis' marriage certificate.

  I'm still researching so if you have anything to add or correct then
please email Baston Family Genealogy

Please mention the RIN number attached to a person's name as it is very difficult for me to know for which John, William, Thomas, Edward etc you wish to have more information.

Thank you

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