Baston Coat of Arms

Baston Family Genealogy

Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch and Whitechapel, London from 1785, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire

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Baston Coat of Arms


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(1837/Dec/Dity of London/2/241 GRO)

(1840/Jun/Aylesbury/6/459 GRO)

(1841/Mar/Abingdon/6/83 GRO)

(1841/Mar/Shoreditch/2/341 GRO) London

(1842/Jun/Croydon/4/60 GRO)

(1843/Jun/Aylesbury/6/224 GRO)

(1844/Dec/Okehampton/10/265 GRO)

(1846/Dec/Witney/16/105 GRO)

(1847/Sep/Cardiff/26/455 GRO)

(1848/Jun/Thame/16/175 GRO)

(1851/Mar/Abingdon/6/171 GRO)

(1852/Sep/St Luke/1b/509 GRO)

(1853/Jun/St Germans/5c/51 GRO)

(1855/Dec/St Germans/5c/45 GRO)

(1856/Sep/Witney/3a/350 GRO)

(1857/Mar/Medway/2a/187 GRO)

(1858/Jun/Shoreditch/1c/299 GRO)

(1860/Sep/Aylesbury/3a/543 GRO)


(1865/Dec/Hackney/1b/273 GRO)

(1866/Dec/Witney/3a/1204 GRO)

(1867/Jun/Faringdon/2c/458 GRO)

(1872/Sep/Edmonton/3a/266 GRO)

(1873/Jun/Towcester/3b/10 age 54 GRO)

(1873/Mar/Highworth/5a/23 GRO)

(1876/Dec/Portsea/2b/998 GRO)

(1878/Sep/Liskeard/5c/45 age 64 GRO)

(1879/Jun/Hackney/1b/340 age 33 GRO)

(1879/Mar/Witney/3a/787 GRO)

(1881 census William remarried)

(1881/Sep/Highworth/5a/8 age 33 GRO)

(1882/Jun/Upton upon Severn/6c/175 age 78 GRO)

(1882/Jun/Upton upon Severn/6c/177 age 70 GRO)

(1883/Dec/Upton upon Severn/6c/221 age 64 GRO)

(1885/Dec/Poplar/1c/375 age 35 GRO)

(1885/Dec/Witney/3a/854 or 856 GRO)

(1887/Jun/Dorchester/5a/659 Dorset)

(1887/Sep/Islington/1b/245 age 31? GRO)

(1891 census Ann a widow)

(1894/Dec/Witney/3a/1504 GR0)

(1894/Mar/Hardingtone/3b/28 age 32 GRO)

(1894/Mar/Upton upon Severn/6c/185 age 78 GRO)

(1895/Dec/Towcester/3b/7 age 76 GRO)

(1895/Mar/West Bromwich/6b/799 GRO)

(1896/Mar/Hardingstone/3b/53 GRO)

(1897/Jun/1b/479/Hackney GRO)

(1898/Mar/Hackney/1b/578 GRO)

(1899/Dec/Northampton/3b/57 age 39 GRO)

(1902/Dec/Chipping N/3a/1985 GRO)

(1902/Sep/Chipping Norton/3a/1084 GRO)

(1909/Sep/Stourbridge/6c/287 GRO)

(1910/Sep/Witney/3a/2420 GRO)

(1912/Mar/Witney/3a/1393 GRO)

(1912/Sep/Stourbridge/6c/371 GRO)

(1912/Sep/Stow on Wold/6a/968 GRO - Banns posted aug 1912 at Swinford)

(1914/Sep/Witney/3a/1030 GRO Elizabeth aged 65)

(1918/Jun/Birkenhead/8a/562 age 85 GRO)

(1923/Mar/Romford/4a/987 GRO)

(1940/Sep/Ilford/4a/487 age 63 GRO)

(age 45), Northants, Wellingborough

(age 60 of Cote), Oxfordshire, Bampton, St Mary's

(age 75), Oxfordshire, Asthall

(almost 100 years old - re Ron Baston)

(bef 1845 not mentioned in John's Will)

(Before 1742 shown as deceased in sister's 1742 Will)

(both alive 1851)

(buried 1839 aged 84)

(City of London burials)

(comitted suicide)

(d to Wm/Ellen of Standlake), Faringdon, Primitive Methodist

(Decker?), Sussex

(died young)

(from Spencer Field 2008)

(Gaps in marriage registers 1680-1694)

(George remarried)

(Henery an old man of Aston), Oxfordshire, Bampton, St Mary's

(IGI LDS member)

(info from Ron Baston family bible in 2004)

(info from Spencer Field Dec 2008)

(John a householder), Bampton, St Mary's

(left legacy in 1742 Will)

(Mary a widow in 1891 census)

(Not 1845/Dec/Southampton/7/360)

(not in 1851 census)

(not in 1861 census)

(not in 1871 census)

(not in 1911 census)

(not mentioned in 1603 Will)

(not mentioned in Elizabeth 1742 Will)

(not mentioned in father's Will)

(not mentioned in the 1777 Will)

(poss 1846/Sep/St Luke/2/225 GRO)

(possibly 1867/Sep/Newington/1d/154 age 38 (n/t 1871 census))

(possibly 1886/Dec/Bedminster/5c/484 age 79 or 1884/Dec/Upton upon Severn/6c/183 age 88 "Mary Cole" GRO)

(possibly 1896/Dec/Hackney/1b/328 aged 76)

(possibly 1929/Jun/Hackney/1b/372 age 71)

(s to John/Mary Ann of Hardwick), Faringdon, Primitive Methodist

(s to Wm/Ellen of Newbridge), Faringdon, Primitive Methodist

(s to Wm/Ellen of Standlake), Faringdon, Primitive Methodist

(s to Wm/Helen lab Hardwick), Faringdon, Primitive Methodist

(s Wm/Ellen lab Standlake), Faringdon, Primitive Methodist

(Sarah buried "a widow")

(shown as deceased 1885 marriage of daughter Rebecca)

(son Frederick an orphan in 1841 census)

(TS a twin), Berkshire, Abingdon, St Helen's

(Ts infant of Wantage WH), Berkshire, Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

(TS of Aston), Oxfordshire, Bampton, St Mary's


?? Pegrum ??



??Lawrence ??

??Lawrence Clara?

??May Lawrence

??Stevens Lawrence


10 Andover Road Islington

111 Gt Cambridge St



15 Socrates Place Hackney p22

15 Socrates Place Hackney p23

15th Hussars

16 Victoria Grove p59

16 Victoria Grove p60

17 Eagle Street Hoxton

179 Hornsey Park Road p5

179 Hornsey Park Road p6

179 Hornsey Park Road

179 Hornsey Pk Rd p5

179 Hornsey Pk Rd p6


1838/Dec/Newington/4/336 London

1839/Dec/Bethnal Green/2/8

1839/Sep/Faringdon/6/259 GRO

1840/Sep/Nottingham/15/759 GRO

1840/Sep/St Luke/2/204

1841/Dec/St Albans/6/773

1841/Dec/St Luke/2/203_208


1842/Jun/St Saviour Southwark/4/335

1842/Mar/North Witchford/14/111 (nr Wisbech)

1844/Dec/St Saviour/4/514

1844/Mar/St Martin Fields/1/143 London


1845/Mar/Holborn/2/155 Middlesex

1845/Mar/Towcester/15/465 GRO

1845/Sep/St Luke/2/309

1847/Jun/St Luke/2/298



1848/Dec/St Luke/2/315


1848/Jun/St Saviour/4/371




1850/Sep/St Luke/2/315

1851/Dec/St Luke/2/341

1851/Mar/Witney/16/101 (GRO)


1852/Dec/Clerkenwell/1b/472 London

1853/Mar/St Giles/1b/256 (or less likely 1852/Sep/St Giles/1b/187)

1854/Dec/St Luke/1b/512

1854/Jun/Oxford/3a/722 GRO

1855/Mar/Towcester/3b/13 GRO


1855/Sep/Shoreditch/1c/166 London





1857/Dec/Shoreditch/1c/215 London

1857/Mar/Witney/3a/389 GRO


1858/Dec/Cheltenham/6a/779 GRO

1858/Dec/Sevenoaks/2a/360 Kent Sevenoaks Weald


1859/Mar/Shoreditch/1c/231 London


1860/Mar/Shoreditch/1c/226 London

1861/Dec/Islington/1b/267 probably Barnsbury




1861/Sep/Wellingbro/3b/183 GRO

1861-1881 poss 1878/Dec/Chelsea/1a/209

1862/Dec/Witney/3a/403 (GRO)

1862/Sep/St Lukes/1b/562 Middlesex London 18

1864/Jun/Oxford/3a/841 GRO



1865/Jun/Shoreditch/1c/178 London

1865/Mar/Bethnal Green/1c/575


1866/Jun/Cheltenham/6a/767 GRO

1866/Jun/Witney/3a/403 age 77

1866/Mar/Sevenoaks/2a/497 Kent

1868/Dec/Shoreditch/1c/157 London

1868/Jun/Cheltenham/6a/701 GRO

1869/Dec/Bethnal Green/1c/213

1869/Dec/Witney/3a/452 age 75 GRO



1870/Mar/Lambeth/1d/344 Surrey


1870/Sep/Witney/3a/489 age 87 GRO

1871 to 1881 as no trace 1881 census

1871/Mar/Sevenoaks/2a/563 Kent

1871/Sep/Lambeth/1d/292 Surrey

1872/Mar/St George Han Sq/1a/270

1872/Sep/London City/1c/28 probably (or 1872/Dec/Holborn/1b/390)

1872/Sep/St Geo Han Sq/1a/582

1873/Jun/Lambeth/1d/312 Surrey

1873/Sep/witney/3a/422 age 72 GRO


1875/Sep/Bethnal Green/1c/708


1876/Jun/Sevenoaks/2a/ 841


1876/Mar/Lambeth/1d/93 Surrey

1877/Dec/Chelsea/1a/291 London

1878/Mar/Hackney/1b/583 Haggerstone

1878/Mar/West Ham/4a/71

1879 to 1889 poss

1879/Dec/Bethnal Green/1c/203

1879/Dec/Witney/3a/449 GRO

1879/Jun/Newton Abbot/5b/162

1879/Sep/Stroud/6a/356 GRO


1881/Jun/Witney/3a/426 GRO


1881/Sep/Bangor/11b/592 GRO

1883/Dec/Brixworth/3b/73 age 63

1883/Mar/Bethnal Green/1c/180 London

1883/Mar/Bethnal Green/1c/275 London



1885/Jun/Highworth/5a/17 GRO

1885/Mar/Bethna lGreen/1c/199

1886/Dec/Chipping Norton/3a/1411 GRO


1886/Mar/Witney/3a/601 GRO

1887/Dec/Bethnal Green/1c/131

1887/Dec/Bethnal Green/1c/174 London

1887/Jun/Brixworth/3b/70 age 66

1887/Jun/Witney/3a/461 age 69 GRO

1888/Dec/Hackney/1b/_07 poss 507

1889/Dec/Shoreditch/1c/135 London

1889/Sep/Bethnal Green/1c/575


1890/Jun/Market Bosworth/7a/167 GRO Leics



1890/Sep/St Saviour/1d/46

1891/Dec/Thrapston/3b/467 GRO

1892/Jun/Birmingham/6d/240 GRO

1892/Mar/Hackney/ab/467 London

1893/Dec/Witney/3a/1429 GRO (not Brize Norton)


1895/Mar/Lambeth/1d/427 GRO

1895/Mar/Towcester/3b/7 age 71





1897/Sep/Worcester/6c/141 age 43 GRO


1898/Jun/Hackney/1b/529 or 1899/Jun/Hackney/1b/562




1902/Dec/Bethnal Green/1c/374



1904/Mar/Warwick/6d/454 age 71

1905/Dec/Birmingham/6d/149 GRO


1905/Sep/Newton Abbot/5b/131


1906/Jun/Witney/3a/531 age 71 GRO

1907/Mar/Birmingham/6d/69 GRO


1908/Dec/West Ham/4a/205

1908/Sep/witney/3a/2279 GRO

1909/Dec/Birmingham/6d/39 GRO

1909/Jun/Cardiff/11a/835 GRO




1912/Jun/Birmingham/6d/98 GRO

1912/Jun/Cirencester/6a/435 GRO


1914/Jun/Willesden/3a/552 GRO ref





1915/Mar/Willesden/3a/464 GRO


1916/Jun/Birmingham/6d/386 GRO



1917/Jun/Edmonton/3a/948 or 943

1918/Mar/Witney/3a/1535 GRO





1928/Jun/Shoreditch1c/81 age 45 London

1930 Dec Witney 3a 2859 GRO

1934/Dec/Edmonton/3a/669 age 47


1947/Dec/Wood Green/5f/415/ age 66



1950/Jun/Newton Abbot/7a/519

1953/Mar/WoodGreen/5f/546 London

1959/Jun/Newton Abbot/7a/487

1961/Mar/Colchester/4a/812 age 69 Essex



1979/Dec/Hatfield/10/0351 Hertfordshire



1994/Dec/Birmingham/D58a/194 GRO









1d/97/St Saviour Southwark

22 Poplar Row Southwark


2nd Btn Rifle Brigade

3 Bedliness Court

3 Ravenscroft St Bethnal Green London

3 Smiths Buildings

38 Sevenoaks



3a/489/Bishops Stortford

44 Brunswick Street

45 Essex Street

47 Bellemy St Islington



4a/163 Epping

4a/192/West Ham

4a/208/West Ham

4a/270/West Ham


4a/277/West Ham

4a/295/West Ham



4a/495/West Ham/Sep

4a/674/West Ham

4th Oxford & Bucks Regiment

5 Richard Street Poplar

51 Borough Road Southwark

52nd Light Infantry

6 Woods Builidings Chelsea London

7 Evans Street

7 Joburg Place

75 Knowels Hill Crescent

75 Upper Tollington Park, Cobains Studio

9 George St Christchurch Southwark

9 George St Southwark

a spinster (date of will), Berkshire, East Hendred

A.M.), Oxford (to Henry, Bampton, St Mary's Church

Abbey Park Cemetery

Abbots Langley p2 & 3, Bedmond

Abbots Langley p2, Bedmond

Abbots Langley, Bedmond

Abbots Langley, Bedmont

Abingdon district

Abney Park Cemetery R/N 70902

Abney Park Cemetery

Accrington, 28 Ormerod Street

after a conviction and was sentenced to 15 years in Australia

age 15 years

age 18 years, Oxfordshire, Asthall

age 19 years, Oxfordshire, Asthall

age 35 yrs

age 36 at marriage

age 40 years

age 5 years

age 68

age 72

age 76

age 81

age 84

age 85, Oxfordshire, Ducklington

age 87 years

aged 96 years

alive in 1841

Alive in 1851 living Hardwick

alive in 1851

All Saint's Nazeing (family file 1794?)

All Saint's Nazeing

All Saints Nazeing

All Saint's Nazeing


an entry in Post Office Telephone Directory

Andover, Countess Of Brecknock Memorial Hospital

Andover, Eardley Avenue


Aston Blank Gloucestershire (TS age 73)

Aston Blank Gloucestershire (TS age 91)


Australia, Baroondra Cemetery (later Kew Cemetery) 17th May 1919

Australia, Geelong, Christ Church

Australia, Melbourne, Box Hill, 32 Kangerong Road

Australia, Melbourne, Collingwood

Australia, Melbourne, Victoria Parade, Somerset House

Australia, NSW, Goulbourn

Australia, Victoria, Creswick

Australia, Victoria, Hawthorn



Avon, Bristol

Aylesbury p13, Buckingham St

Aylesbury p14, Buckingham St

Aylesbury, 21 Buckingham Street

Aylesbury, 25 Buckingham St

Aylesbury, 25 Buckingham Street

Aylesbury, 36 New Street

Aylesbury, Buckingham Road

Aylesbury, Buckingham St

Aylesbury, Buckingham Street

Aylesbury, Kingsbury

Aylesbury, New Street

Aylesbury, Walton Street












B Stortford/3a/1650

Bampton "Elizabeth a wife buried"

Bampton (1650 to 1653 missing) or Shifford (all the pre 1725 registers were destroyed by damp)

Bampton (d of Henry)

Bampton (probate record 179.100)

Bampton (TS Mary age 43 of Cote)

Bampton Church Font

Bampton Market Square 1885, Town Hall

Bampton Oxfordshire

Bampton S.A.M.

Bampton Village, Market Square

Bampton, Broad Street

Bampton, St Mary's Church

Bampton, St Mary's

Barnet Hertfordshire, New Road

Barnet Hertfordshire

Barnet/13a/164 (Possible)

Barnet/6/419 Hadley Middlesex


Baston Family

Battersea aged 61, John's Hill

Battersea, 1 Providence Place

Battersea, 38 St Johns Hill Grove

Battersea, 71 Usk Road

Battersea, Placemark? Road, Pursdown?

Battersea, York Road


Beccles, Blybingate Street

Bedford, Turvey

Bedfordshire, 1843/Jun/Biggleswade/6/57 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, 1845/Jun/Biggleswade/6/53 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, 1847/Jun/Biggleswade/6/48 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, 1850/Jun/Biggleswade/6/62 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, 1851/Dec/Bigglesward/6/55 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, 1853/Dec/Biggleswade/3b/304 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, 1858/Jun/Luton/3b/429 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, Biggleswade/3b/334 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, Biggleswade/3b/340 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, Biggleswade/3b/356 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, Biggleswade/3b/357 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, Biggleswade/3b/358 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, Biggleswade/3b/363 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, Biggleswade/3b/370 Old Warden

Bedfordshire, Old Warden Parish Church

Bedfordshire, Old Warden

Bedfordshire, Warden

Beds, Biggleswade

Beds, Old Warden, Village

Beds, Warden, Church End

Beds., Old Warden, The Laundry

before 1841 census

Berks (s to Wm/Elizabeth of B Bourton), Faringdon, Primitive Methodist

Berks (TS), Faringdon, possibly 23 May 1752 All Saint's

Berks), Shrivenham, (possibly 19th April 1719

Berks, Denchworth

Berks, Eaton Hastings, St Michael's Church

Berks, Newbury, City

Berks, Newbury, Old Newton Road

Berks, Newbury

Berks, Reading, St Mary's

Berks. (TS), Faringdon, All Saint's, possibly 26 Sep 1756

Berkshire (1869/Jun/Abingdon/2c/252 GRO), Eaton

Berkshire (a pauper), West Hendred, Holy Trinity

Berkshire (about 70 of Wantage), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (age 36 of New Hinksey), South Hinksey, St Lawrence

Berkshire (base born of Lydia), Ardington

Berkshire (IGI to William & Sarah), Ashbury

Berkshire (IGI) (age 25 at marriage), Uffington

Berkshire (IGI), Buscot, St Mary's

Berkshire (IGI), North Hinksey, St Lawrence

Berkshire (IGI), Reading, Kings Road Meeting-Baptist

Berkshire (IGI), Reading, St Mary's Church

Berkshire (IGI), Wantage

Berkshire (SOG), East Hendred

Berkshire (son of Thomas & Mary), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (the widow), East Hendred, St Augustine

Berkshire (TS "aged 3 weeks of fits"), Longcott, St Mary's Church

Berkshire (TS "aged 3"), Longcott, St Mary's Church

Berkshire (TS "aged 4 days"), Longcott, St Mary's Church

Berkshire (TS "aged 7 weeks"), Longcott, St Mary's Church

Berkshire (TS "aged 93"), Longcott, St Mary's Church

Berkshire (TS a widow), Stanford in the Vale, St Deny's

Berkshire (TS age 19), Sparsholt, Holy Cross

Berkshire (Ts age 44), Abingdon, St Helen's

Berkshire (Ts age 47), Sparsholt, Holy Cross

Berkshire (TS age 54 of Vineyard), Abingdon St Helens

Berkshire (TS age 64), Shrivenham, St Andrew's Church

Berkshire (TS age 73), Sparsholt, Holy Cross

Berkshire (TS age 77 of Chawley), Cumnor, St Michael's Church

Berkshire (TS an aged man), Stanford in the Vale, St Deny's

Berkshire (TS an infant), Sparsholt, Holy Cross

Berkshire (TS b&s), Stanford in the Vale, St Deny's

Berkshire (TS base d Elizabeth), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (TS base d of Frances), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (TS both widow), Sparsholt, Holy Cross

Berkshire (TS d Jon/Edey, North Hinksey, St Lawrence

Berkshire (TS d of John & Mary), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (TS infant of John & Mary), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (TS infant), Abingdon, St Helens

Berkshire (TS infant), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (TS Robt senior), Stanford in the Vale, St Deny's

Berkshire (TS s of John & Mary), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (TS Thomas senior), East Hendred

Berkshire (TS w&s), Stanford in the Vale

Berkshire (TS wife of John), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (TS wife of Robert), Stanford in the Vale, St Deny's

Berkshire (TS wife of Thomas), East Hendred

Berkshire (TS), Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire (TS), Denchworth, St James' Church

Berkshire (TS), East Hendred, St Augustine

Berkshire (TS), Kelmscott

Berkshire (TS), Lambourn

Berkshire (TS), Longcott, St Mary's

Berkshire (TS), Stanford in the Vale, St Deny's

Berkshire (wife of Thomas), East Hendred, St Augustine

Berkshire age 54, Longcott, St Mary's

Berkshire age 79, Longcott, St Mary's

Berkshire Assizes, Reading

Berkshire p19, South Hinksey, 38 Post Office Street

Berkshire p21, Reading, Kaiser Street

Berkshire p6, Longcott, Baldwin House

Berkshire p7, Longcott, Baldwin House

Berkshire), Buckland, (possibly 30 Jan 1743 St Mary's

Berkshire, 1840/Mar/Newbury/6/234 Bagnor

Berkshire, 1870June/Hhungerford/2c/177 (87) Hungerford

Berkshire, Abingdon, Bear Street

Berkshire, Abingdon, St Helens, Vineyard Street

Berkshire, Abingdon, St Helen's

Berkshire, Abingdon, St Helens

Berkshire, Abingdon, St Helen's

Berkshire, Abingdon, St Helens

Berkshire, Abingdon, St Helen's

Berkshire, Abingdon, St Helens

Berkshire, Abingdon, St Helen's

Berkshire, Abingdon, Union Workhouse

Berkshire, Abingdon

Berkshire, Aldermaston

Berkshire, Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Berkshire, Ardington, Holy Trinity

Berkshire, Ardington

Berkshire, Ashbury

Berkshire, Binfield

Berkshire, Blewbury

Berkshire, Botley

Berkshire, Bourton

Berkshire, Bradley

Berkshire, Buckland

Berkshire, Buscot, Penny Wish

Berkshire, Buscot, St Mary's

Berkshire, Buscot

Berkshire, Chilton, All Saints

Berkshire, Chilton

Berkshire, Cumnor, Chawley

Berkshire, Cumnor

Berkshire, East Hagborne

Berkshire, East Hendred, St Augustine

Berkshire, East Hendred, St Augustine's Church

Berkshire, East Hendred

Berkshire, Eastwood

Berkshire, Faringdon Methodist Chapel

Berkshire, Faringdon, 24 Lechlade Road

Berkshire, Faringdon, All Saint's

Berkshire, Faringdon, Coxwell Street

Berkshire, Faringdon

Berkshire, Fyfield, St Nicholas Church

Berkshire, Great Faringdon, Faringdon Union Workhouse

Berkshire, Great Hendred

Berkshire, Hinksey

Berkshire, Hinton Waldrist

Berkshire, Hungerford

Berkshire, Kelmscott

Berkshire, Kingston Bagpuize, St John the Baptist

Berkshire, Letcombe Bassett

Berkshire, Little Coxwell, St Mary

Berkshire, Long Wittenham, High Street

Berkshire, Longcot, St Mary's

Berkshire, Longcot

Berkshire, Longcott, St Mary's Church

Berkshire, Longcott, St Mary's

Berkshire, Longcott

Berkshire, Longworth, St Mary's Church

Berkshire, Maidenhead

Berkshire, Milton, Old Moor

Berkshire, New Hinksey, Church Street

Berkshire, Newbury, Old Newtown Road

Berkshire, North Hinksey, St Lawrence

Berkshire, North Hinksey

Berkshire, Peasemore

Berkshire, Radley, St James' Church

Berkshire, Radley

Berkshire, Reading, Kaiser Street

Berkshire, Reading, Kings Road Meeting-Baptist

Berkshire, Reading, St Mary's Church

Berkshire, Reading

Berkshire, Shilton, East Cottage

Berkshire, Shilton, Holy Rood Church

Berkshire, Shrivenham, St Andrew's Church

Berkshire, Shrivenham

Berkshire, South Hinksey, Church Street

Berkshire, South Hinksey

Berkshire, Sparsholt, Holy Cross

Berkshire, Sparsholt

Berkshire, Standford in the Vale

Berkshire, Stanford in the Vale, St Deny's

Berkshire, Stanford in the Vale

Berkshire, Steventon, No 14 Cottage

Berkshire, Sunningwell, St Leonard's Church

Berkshire, Sutton Courtney, All Saint's Church

Berkshire, Sutton Courtney, All Saints

Berkshire, Uffington, St Mary's Church

Berkshire, Uffington, St Mary's

Berkshire, Upton

Berkshire, Wantage Work House

Berkshire, Wantage, St Peter & St Paul

Berkshire, West Hendred, Holy Trinity

Berkshire, Weston Turnville

Berkshire, Wootton

Berkshire?, Kelmscott

Bermondsey, 15 Cross Street

Bermondsey, 3 Gloucester Place

Bermondsey, Brandon Street

Bermondsey, St John's Horsley Down


Bethnal Green age 102, 12 South Street

Bethnal Green, 18 Brunswick Street

Bethnal Green, 20 Coventry Street

Bethnal Green, 282 Hackney Road

Bethnal Green, 42 Trinity Alms Houses

Bethnal Green, St James the Great

Bethnal Green, St James

Bethnal Green, St Matthew

Bethnal Green, St Thomas Church

Bethnal Green., 5 Millers Cottages

Bethnal Green/1c/119 - age 2yr 6mth

Bethnal Green/1c/143 GRO

Bethnal Green/1c/251

Bethnal Green/1c/641

between 1616 & 1638

between 1855 -1861?

between 1861-1871 n/t 1871 census

Biggleswade, Back Street

Biggleswade, Baulk

Biggleswade, Southhill, Cottage near Temple

Biggleswade, Southill, Warren Lodge







Birmingham"), Oxfordshire (transcript "to Arthur & Harriet of Brierley Hill, Swinbrook, St Mary's Church



Bishops Stortford, Thorley, Storford Road

Bissett Family

Bloomsbury., ST George's

Bournedon? Herts/Hants

Bow, 72 Fairfield Road

Bowker Family

Bratton Clovelly Village

Bratton Clovelly, Village

Bristol, Bristol Royal Infirmary

Bristol, Redcliffe

Brixton, 12 Water Lane

Broad Street


Buckingham, Aston Clinton, London Road

Buckingham, Aylesbury, Saint Mary

Buckingham, Oakley

Buckingham, Olney

Buckinghamshire (1837/Sep/Aylesbury/6/354), Aylesbury, St Mary's Church

Buckinghamshire (1910 photo), Aston Clinton, Bell Inn

Buckinghamshire (2007 photo), Aston Clinton, Bell Inn

Buckinghamshire, Aston Clinton, Bell Inn Brewery & Stables

Buckinghamshire, Aston Clinton, Bell Inn

Buckinghamshire, Aston Clinton, St Michael's Church

Buckinghamshire, Aston Clinton, The Bell Inn

Buckinghamshire, Aston Clinton

Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury, Church Street

Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury, St Mary's Church

Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury, Walton Terrace

Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury

Buckinghamshire, Beaconsfield, St Mary with All Saints Church

Buckinghamshire, Bierton

Buckinghamshire, Bledlow

Buckinghamshire, Great Missenden

Buckinghamshire, Gt Missenden

Buckinghamshire, Haddenham, Church Square

Buckinghamshire, Haddenham

Buckinghamshire, Little Marlow

Buckinghamshire, Quainton

Buckinghamshire, Weston Turville


Bucks (age 64), Aston Clinton, St Michael's Church

Bucks (age 71), Aston Clinton, St Michael's Church

Bucks (BuckFHS), Aston Clinton, St Michael's Church

Bucks (BucksFHS), Aston Clinton, St Michael's Church

Bucks (TS age 74), Aston Clinton, St Michael's Church

Bucks (TS) age 67, Aston Clinton, St Michael's Church

Bucks, Aston Clinton, St Michael's Church


Buley? Hampshire

Bunhill Fields


but before 1830

but before 1925

Caernarvonshire, Bangor, 35 Union Street

Caernarvonshire, Llandegai, Lime Grove

Cam, Gloucestershire

Cambridgeshire, Chatteris

Cambridgeshire, Ely

Cambridgeshire, Guilden Morden

Cambridgeshire, Kennet, Kennet End

Cambridgeshire, Orwell

Cambridgeshire, poss 1852/Sep/Hitchin/3a/207 Steeple Morden

Cambridgeshire, Royston/3a/206 Steeple Morden

Cambridgeshire, Royston/3a/213 Steeple Morden

Cambridgeshire, Royston/3a/247 Steeple Morden

Cambridgeshire, Steeple Morden, Hay Street

Cambridgeshire, Steeple Morden, North Road

Cambridgeshire, Steeple Morden

Cambs, Steeple Morden, Hay Street

Canada"), Oxfordshire (transcript "to Arthur & Harriet of Ontario, Swinbrook, St Mary's Church

Canada, Alberta, Lethbridge

Canada, NWT, Ft. Pelly, St Andrew's Mission

Canada, Oakville

Canada, Ontario, Mississauga, St John's Dixie Crematorium

Canada, Ontario, St Catherine's


Carol Harmond's letter to Commonwealth War Grave Commission

Caury? Cornwall

Chadlington (1858/Dec/Chipping Norton/3a/1135 GRO), St Nicholas


Chatham Kent, Gun Wharf

Checkendon Church Font

Chelsea, 26 Danvers Street

Chelsea, Cook's Ground Ind

Cheselborne 1859/Mar/Dorchester/5a/541

Cheselborne, Road

Cheshunt Herts

Chiddingstone 1845/Mar/Sevenoaks/5/450 Kent

Chiddingstone 1857/Sep/Sevenoaks/2a/365 Kent

Chiddingstone 1871/Jun/Sevenoaks/2a/756

Chiddingstone General Store & Post Office

Chiddingstone High Street

Chiddingstone Kent (1847/Jun/Sevenoaks/5/41 GRO)

Chiddingstone Kent (1849/Mar/Sevenoaks/5/491 GRO)

Chiddingstone Kent, Bow Beech

Chiddingstone Kent

Chiddingstone p2, Funks

Chiddingstone p3, Funks

Chiddingstone, Boughbeach

Chiddingstone, Highfield House

Chiddingstone, Sharps Place

Chiddingstone, St Mary's Church

Chiddingstone, the Castle Inn

Chiddingstone. Kent


Chingford Cemetery

Chingford, Highams Court

Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate

Christ Church Spitalfields

Churchdown. Gloucestershire

Churchdown. Gloucs, Chosen Hill

Churchdown. Gloucs, St Bartholomew's

Cirencester Union Workhouse

City Of London, Bishopsgate

City of London, Golden Lane

City, Cripplegate, Bedilness Court

City, Cripplegate, St Giles

City, Cripplegate

Ciy of London, 11 Montague Court

Clapham, 10 Alton Road

Clapham, Manor Lane


Clerkenwell (1848/Sep/St Luke/2/296 GRO), St Luke's

Clerkenwell in, St James' Church

Clerkenwell), Spa Fields Burial Ground (TS age 1 month of St James

Clerkenwell, St James' Church

Clerkenwell, St Pauls


Cornwall (1847/Dec/St Germans/9/105 GRO), Pillaton

Cornwall (1849/Jun/St Germans/9/117 GRO), Pillaton

Cornwall (1850/Dec/St Germans/9/108 GRO), Pillaton

Cornwall, Illogan North, Tehidy Hospital

Cornwall, Launceston, St Stephen Lodge

Cornwall, Newlyn, Town Vicarage House, Newlyn Church

Cornwall, Pelynt, Vicarage House

Cornwall, Pelynt

Cornwall, Pillaton, Parsonage

Cornwall, Pillaton, Pasonage

Cornwall, Pillaton

Cornwall, Usk

Corsham aged 37, Alexandra RN Hospital, Portsdown Military Hospital

Court of Canterbury

Coventry, Saint Michael

Coventry, St Michael

Coventry, St Michael's Church


Cremated Manor Park Cemetery

Cripplegate p41, St Giles, 6 Silk Street

Cripplegate, St Giles, 3 Redcroft Court

Cripplegate, St Giles, 6 Silk Street

Cripplegate, St Giles


date unknown

Derby (IGI), Marston upon Dove

Derby (IGI), St Peter's Church

Derby, St Peters Church

Derbyshire, Derby

Derbyshire, North Wingfield

Devizes, 1 Melbourne Place

Devon (1845/Sep/Okehampton/10/168 GRO), Hatherleigh

Devon (1846/Dec/Okehampton/10/183 GRO), Hatherleigh

Devon (IGI), Exeter, St Mary Major

Devon, Ashton

Devon, Aston

Devon, Bishop's Lynton

Devon, Bridestow

Devon, Chudleigh

Devon, Dawlish, New Road

Devon, Dawlish, Old Town Street

Devon, Dawlish, St Gregory's

Devon, Dawlish

Devon, Denbury

Devon, Devonport

Devon, Exeter, Saint Olave

Devon, Exeter

Devon, Hatherleigh, Vicarage

Devon, Hatherleigh

Devon, Heavitree, 3 Alools? House

Devon, Kenton

Devon, Newton Abbot/5b/149 Torquay

Devon, Okehampton/10/251 Thruselton

Devon, Plympton

Devon, Plymstock, Staddiscombe

Devon, PossTavistock/5b/333 Bratton Clovelly

Devon, Princetown Lidford

Devon, Shute, Shute Vicarage

Devon, Shute, Vicarage

Devon, Tedburn Saint Mary

Devon, Tedburn, St Mary's

Devon, Thruselton

Devon, Thrushelton

Devon, Topsham

Devon, Tormoham, St John's Place

Devon, Tormoham

Devon, Torquay, Matlock Mews

Devon, Torquay

Devon, Wembury Church

Devon, Wembury

Devon., Dawlish, St Gregory's

Devon`, Torquay


Dewsbury, No 485 Middle Head

did Frederick & Mary's children go to this school?





Dorset, Cendel

Dorset, Cheselborne

Dorset, Cheselbourne

Dorset, Corfe Mullen

dorset, Crendel

Dorset, Crendel

Dorset, Dorchester/5a/375 Cheselbourne

Dorset, Dorchester8/45 Cheselborne

Dorset, Lydlinch

Dorset, Poole, St James

Dorset, Poole, St James'

Dorset, Poole

Dorset, Stickland



Durham, Bishop Auckland

Durham, Darlington, Heighington, St Michael's Church

E1, London, Shoreditch, Heneage Street

E7, interred 2001 Manor Park Cemetery, Stevenage, Harwood Park

East Dulwich

East End Juvenile Mission Leopold House

East London/1c/46

East London/2/206

East London

East Preston/2b/236 Sussex


Edmonton, North Middlesex Hospital





Edmonton/3a/201 age 18

Edmonton/3a/239 Wood Green London

Edmonton/3a/275 possibly

Edmonton/3a/284 Wood Green

Edmonton/3a/328 Wood Green

Edmonton/3a/344 Wood Green

Edmonton/3a/369 Wood Green

Edmonton/3a/375 Wood Green





Edmonton/3a/743 age 82 GRO




England & Wales

England, Berkshire, Hampstead Marshall

England, Dorset, CHRISTCHURCH, Crendall

England, Dorset, Edmonsham

England, Essex, Epping

England, Hampshire, SOUTHAMPTON, Bridge Place

England, Hampshire, SOUTHAMPTON, Soton

England, Kent, Wye

England, Na

England, Oxford, Bampton, St Mary's

England, Oxford, Bampton

England, SALISBURY, Wilts

England, SALISBURY, Wiltshire

England, Sussex, Horsted Keynes

England, Wiltshire, MALMESBURY, Steeple Langford

England, Wiltshire, Warminster

entry in Post Office Telephone Directory

Epping, Darmers Farm

Epping, Parvells Farm


Epping/12/201 GRO

Epping/12/63 GRO

Epping/12/67 GRO

Epping/12/96 GRO


Epping/4a/107 GRO

Epping/4a/115 GRO

Epping/4a/129 GRO

Epping/4a/170 GRO

Epping/4a/45 GRO

Epping/4a/47 aged 17 GRO

Epping/4a/47 GRO

Epping/4a/6 GRO

Epping/4a/61 age 1 GRO

Epping/4a/63 age 49 GRO


Epping/4a/771 GRO


Epping/4a/86 GRO

Epping/4a/93 GRO

Epping/4a/95 GRO

Epping/5a/55 GRO


Essex poss 1841/Dec/Billericay/12/1 Smith, Brentwood

Essex), Epping/4a/222 GRO (Buckhurst Hill

Essex), West Ham/4a/179 GRO (Walthamstow

Essex), West Ham/4a/199 GRO (Leyton

Essex), West Ham/4a/225 GRO (Leyton

Essex, 12/106/Epping Nazeing

Essex, Colchester, St Mary at the Walls

Essex, Dunmow, Church End

Essex, Dunmow

Essex, Great Dunmow

Essex, Harlow

Essex, Hornchurch, 117 Suttons Lane

Essex, Lower Town Nazeing

Essex, Nazeing Mid Heath

Essex, Nazeing, All Saints Church

Essex, Nazeing

Essex, Nazing

Essex, Oldleigh

Essex, poss 1861/Mar/Bishop's Stortford/3a/185 Dunmow

Essex, Roydon, Roydon Street

Essex, Roydon

Essex, Southend on Sea

Essex, Southend, Southend Hospital

Essex, Sutton Road Cemetery

Essex, Thaxted, Near Mile End

Essex, Thaxted, Parsonage Farm

Essex, Thaxted

Essex, Theydon Garnon, Gaynes Park

Essex, Walthamstow, Wood Street, Shop



Essex??), 1907/Jun/Brixworth/3b/281 (Claybury Hospital


Etrun II.J.16, Duisans British Cemetery

Eygpt, Alexandria, Mostapha Pasha Barracks

Farm Lane Walham Green

Feb 1986/Mid Warwickshire/31/778 GRO

Finchley, St Marylebone Crematorium

Finchley, Whetstone

Finsbury p20, 3 Baltic St

Finsbury p21, 3 Baltic St

Finsbury p53, 16 Randalls Cotts

Finsbury p54, 16 Randalls Cotts

Finsbury Park, 6 Oxford Road

Finsbury, 137 Old Street

Finsbury, 15 Lever Street

Finsbury, 17 Providence Row

Finsbury, 19 Frederick Place

Finsbury, 2 Chequer Alley

Finsbury, 2 Victoria Place

Finsbury, 3 Baltic St

Finsbury, 3 Little Galway Street

Finsbury, 4 Baltic Place

Finsbury, 44 Brunswick Street

Finsbury, 5 Albion Buildings

Finsbury, 64 South Street

Finsbury, 8 Moreland Street

Finsbury, Featherstone Street

Finsbury, Old Street, 31 Galway St

Finsbury, St Luke Old Steet

Fisher family

Florida., Moose Haven

Florida., Okeechobee

Florida., Vero Beach

France, Battle of the Somme

France, Ovillers la Bosielle

France, Ovillers Military Cemetery

France, Pas De Calais, Etaples Military Cemetery

France, Soissons Memorial

France, The Battle of the Somme

France, The Somme, Ovillers

France, Trieste

France, World War 1


Frimley, Ash, Shoovel Road

Frimley, Ash, Shoovel Row

from John Howart (1929)

Fulham, All Saints Church

Garden Row Southwark

Glasgow, St Maryhill

Glos (1852/Jun/Cheltenham/6a/660 GRO), Prestbury, St Mary's

Glos, Brockhampton

Glos, Kings Stanley

Glos, Little Rissington

Glos, Tetbury

Glos, Withington

Gloucester Asylum (1849/Dec/Gloucester/11/272)

Gloucestershire (1867/Sep/Northleach/6a/353 GRO), Northleach

Gloucestershire (1878/Dec/Cheltenham/6a453 GRO), Cheltenham

Gloucestershire (1880/Sep/Cheltenham/6a/442 GRO), Cheltenham

Gloucestershire (1884/Mar/Cirencester/6a/361 GRO), Cirencester

Gloucestershire (1886/Jun/Cirencester/6a/378 GRO), Cirencester

Gloucestershire (1887/Jun/Cirencester/6a/368 GRO), Cirencester

Gloucestershire (1891/Jun/Cirencester/6a/373), Cirencester

Gloucestershire (age 11 months), Prestbury, St Mary's Church

Gloucestershire (Age 80), Bibury, St Mary's Church

Gloucestershire (Ann a widow), Bibury, St Mary's Church

Gloucestershire (d of Thomas (is 1759 & not 1760)), Bibury, St Mary's Church

Gloucestershire (IGI), Westbury on Trym

Gloucestershire (illeg to Elizabeth), Bibury

Gloucestershire (poss 1840/Dec/Faringdon/6/169)

Gloucestershire (probably), Great Barrington, St Mary's

Gloucestershire (to Henry & Mary), Lechlade

Gloucestershire (TS "aged 1 month"), Tytherington, St James' Church

Gloucestershire (TS "aged 5"), Tytherington, St James' Church

Gloucestershire (Ts age 24 of Gt Barrington), Little Barrington

Gloucestershire (TS age 57), Aston Blank

Gloucestershire (TS age 84), Aston Blank

Gloucestershire (TS s of William & Anne), Little Risington

Gloucestershire age 1 month, Berkeley, Cam

Gloucestershire age 23, Little Risington

Gloucestershire age 72, Little Risington

Gloucestershire age 82, Little Risington

Gloucestershire by Banns, Berkeley, Cam

Gloucestershire p11, Cirencester, 6 London Road, Waggon & Horses

Gloucestershire p4, Prestbury, Noverton Lane

Gloucestershire p5, Prestbury, Noverton Lane

Gloucestershire), (not Thame or Tytherington

Gloucestershire, Aldersworth, Bibury

Gloucestershire, Berkeley, 90 Crossways

Gloucestershire, Berkeley, Crossways

Gloucestershire, Berkeley, St Mary's Church

Gloucestershire, Berkeley, Stinchcombe, St Cyr

Gloucestershire, Berkeley, Wick

Gloucestershire, Berkeley

Gloucestershire, Bibury, Arlington

Gloucestershire, Bibury, St Mary's Church

Gloucestershire, Bibury, St Mary's

Gloucestershire, Bourton on the Water, Bourton Hill, Whitfield Farm

Gloucestershire, Bristol, St Michael's Church

Gloucestershire, Bristol

Gloucestershire, Cam, Berkeley

Gloucestershire, Cam, St George's Church

Gloucestershire, Charlton Abbots, St Martin

Gloucestershire, Charlton Abbots, St Martin's

Gloucestershire, Charlton Abbots

Gloucestershire, Charlton Kings, 4 Moreton Tree

Gloucestershire, Charlton Kings, Ryeworth

Gloucestershire, Charlton Kings, St Mary's Church

Gloucestershire, Charlton Kings

Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, 34 Portland Square

Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Gloucester Road, 4 Nedgrove Cottages

Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 119 & 120 Cricklade Street

Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 45 Watermoor Road

Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 6 London Road, Waggon & Horses

Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 6 London Road, Wagon & Horses

Gloucestershire, Cirencester, 90 Cricklade Street

Gloucestershire, Cirencester, District Union Workhouse

Gloucestershire, Cirencester, Mouchester, General Inf

Gloucestershire, Cirencester

Gloucestershire, Cowley

Gloucestershire, Crossways

Gloucestershire, Elkstone

Gloucestershire, Fairford, Mount Pleasant

Gloucestershire, Fairford, Vineso Row, West End Gardens

Gloucestershire, Farrington

Gloucestershire, Gloucester Lunatic Asylum

Gloucestershire, Glympton, St Mary's

Gloucestershire, Great Barrington, St Mary's Church

Gloucestershire, Great Barrington, St Mary's

Gloucestershire, Great Barrington

Gloucestershire, Hampnett, House of Remand

Gloucestershire, Hampnett

Gloucestershire, Hempnett

Gloucestershire, Kempsford

Gloucestershire, L Hampton

Gloucestershire, Lechlade, St John Street

Gloucestershire, Lechlade, St Johns Bridge, Lock House

Gloucestershire, Lechlade, Village

Gloucestershire, Lechlade

Gloucestershire, Little Barrington

Gloucestershire, Little Risington

Gloucestershire, Little Rissington, St Peter's Church

Gloucestershire, Little Rissington, St Peter's

Gloucestershire, Little Rissington

Gloucestershire, Long Marston

Gloucestershire, Lower Oddington

Gloucestershire, Maisey Hampton

Gloucestershire, Moreton

Gloucestershire, Naunton by Stow on the Wold, St Andrew's

Gloucestershire, Naunton by Stow on the Wold

Gloucestershire, Naunton, St Andrew's Church

Gloucestershire, Naunton

Gloucestershire, Northleach, Mill End

Gloucestershire, Northleach, Northleach Prison

Gloucestershire, Northleach, St Peter & Paul

Gloucestershire, Northleach, St Peter & St Paul

Gloucestershire, Northleach

Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire or Barrington, Burford

Gloucestershire, Prestbury, High Street, Cleveland House

Gloucestershire, Prestbury, High Street, Glaziers Shop

Gloucestershire, Prestbury, High Street

Gloucestershire, Prestbury, Noverton Lane

Gloucestershire, Prestbury, Noverton

Gloucestershire, Prestbury, St Mary's Church

Gloucestershire, Prestbury, St Mary's

Gloucestershire, Prestbury

Gloucestershire, Rodmarton, Culkerton

Gloucestershire, Rodmarton, St Peter's

Gloucestershire, Rodmarton

Gloucestershire, Stone

Gloucestershire, Stow in the Wold

Gloucestershire, Stratton, Cheltenham Road

Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury, Gravel Walk

Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury

Gloucestershire, Tiddenham, Woodcroft

Gloucestershire, Tidenham

Gloucestershire, Tytherington, St James' Church

Gloucestershire, Tytherington

Gloucestershire, Welford, Hunt Hall

Gloucestershire, Westbury

Gloucestershire, Windrush

Gloucestershire?, Prestbury



Gloucs p5, Berkeley, Crossway Gage

Gloucs, Berkeley, Crossway Gage

Gloucs, Charlton Kings, St Mary's

Glympton age 80

Glympton Lodge (photo 2008)

Glympton Oxfordshire (SOG TS), St Mary's Church

Glympton Oxfordshire

Gondoliers TOS

Gosforth 27/9/41 To 29/11/41

Great Cambridge St etc, Edith St, Essex St, Heneage St

Great Cambridge Street

Greenwich Naval School


Greenwich/5/236 Woolwich Kent

Greenwich/V/252 Woolwich Kent

GRO 1904/Sep/Carnarvon/11b/438

Hackney & Shoreditch

Hackney 1880/Dec/Hackney/1/769, St John

Hackney London

Hackney p23, Well Street, 14 St John's Place

Hackney p28, James Street

Hackney p29, James Street

Hackney p32, 3 Smiths Buildings

Hackney p33, 3 Smiths Buildings

Hackney p59, 16 Victoria Grove

Hackney p60, 16 Victoria Grove

Hackney Union Infirmary

Hackney, 10 Essex St

Hackney, 111 Gt Cambridge St

Hackney, 114 Matthias Road

Hackney, 11a Church Terrace

Hackney, 15 Priory Place

Hackney, 16 Victoria Grove

Hackney, 17 Havelock Road

Hackney, 18 Tudor Road

Hackney, 1883/Sep/Hackney/1b/532 Victoria Park

Hackney, 27 Valentine Road

Hackney, 3 DeBeauvoir Crescent

Hackney, 45 Havelock Road

Hackney, 6 St John's Cottages

Hackney, 64 Chapman Road

Hackney, 7 Frederick Place

Hackney, 7 New Street

Hackney, 71 Chapman Road

Hackney, 71 Ridley Road

Hackney, 9 Little Arthur Street

Hackney, Chapman Road

Hackney, Eaton Place

Hackney, Haggerstone, Yorkton Street, St Augustine's Church

Hackney, Homerton, 61 Holmbrook St

Hackney, Homerton

Hackney, James Street

Hackney, Kingsland High Street

Hackney, Kingsland

Hackney, Mare Street

Hackney, Northwold Rd, 12 George Terrace

Hackney, Registry Office

Hackney, St John of Jerusalem

Hackney, Victoria Grove

Hackney, Victoria Park

Hackney, Well Street, 14 St John's Place

Hackney. London E3, Victoria Park Cemetery

Hackney., Chapman Road, 1 White Post Lane


Hackney/1b/1297 (Albert Grove)




Hackney/1b/379 GRO Age 53











Haggerstone, 11 James Street

Hamlet of Roydon

Hampshire (1877/Mar/Alresford/2c/149), Bishops Sutton

Hampshire (IGI), Hurstbourne Tarrant

Hampshire 1922/Jun/Hartley Witney/2c/507 GRO, Aldershot

Hampshire, Andover, Pilgrims Way

Hampshire, Andover

Hampshire, Bentworth

Hampshire, Bishop's Sutton, Ship Inn

Hampshire, Bishop's Sutton, The Ruins

Hampshire, Bishop's Sutton, Village

Hampshire, Bishop's Sutton

Hampshire, Bishops Sutton

Hampshire, Bishop's Sutton

Hampshire, Bishops Sutton

Hampshire, Bishop's Sutton

Hampshire, Bishops's Sutton

Hampshire, Chandlers Ford

Hampshire, Cheriton

Hampshire, Hadley Row

Hampshire, Hartford Bridge

Hampshire, Nr Southampton, Ashurst Hospital

Hampshire, Portsmouth, Fratton, 10 Pimlico Place

Hampshire, Portsmouth

Hampshire, Salisbury Crematorium

Hampshire, Southampton

Hampshire, the Borough of Andover

Hampshire, Village Bishop's Sutton

Hampshire, West Meon

Hampshire, Woodhay


Hants?, Corsham, Portsdown Military Cemetery


Haringey, 66 Avondale Road

Hasting & Rother/18/742 aged 81 GRO

Haward family

Hemel Hempstead, Cherry Bounce, 31

Hemel Hempstead, Cherry Bounce

Hemel Hempstead, Redbourn Road, 1a

Hemel Hempstead, Runham Road, 1

Hemel Hempstead

Hendon, South Road, Ann's Cottage

Hermosa, Mount Stuart

Hertford Cemetery

Hertford County Hospital

Hertford Hertfordshire

Hertford, 13 Glovers Close

Hertford, Broad Oak Manor Nursing Home


Hertfordshire, Abbots Langley

Hertfordshire, Abotts Langley

Hertfordshire, Aldenham, Cobden Hill

Hertfordshire, Aldenham

Hertfordshire, Bovingdon

Hertfordshire, Bushey

Hertfordshire, Flamstead

Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead General Hospital (West Herts Wing)

Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead, Bedmond

Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead, Independent Chapel

Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead

Hertfordshire, Letchworth

Hertfordshire, Littley Wymondley

Hertfordshire, poss 1846/Dec/Watford/6/626 Abbots Langley

Hertfordshire, St Alban's Abbey

Hertfordshire, St Alban's, Hatfield Road

Hertfordshire, St Alban's, St Stephen's

Hertfordshire, St Albans, St Stephen's

Hertfordshire, St Albans/6/416 St Stephen's

Hertfordshire, St Albans/6/440 St Stephen's

Hertfordshire, St Albans/6/449 St Stephen's

Hertfordshire, St Albans/6/460 St Stephen's

Hertfordshire, St Albans/6/465 St Stephen's

Hertfordshire, St Alban's

Hertfordshire, St Stephen's, Park Street

Hertfordshire, St Stephen's

Hertfordshire, St.Albans

Hertfordshire, Thorley, 2 Thorley Terrace

Hertfordshire, Tring

Hertfordshire, Waltham Abbey

Hertfordshire, Waltham Cross

Hertfordshire, Waltham Town

Hertfordshire, Watford, Union Workhouse

Hertfordshire, Watford/3a/253 Aldenham

Hertfordshire, Watford/3a/390 Aldenham

Hertfordshire, Watford

Hertfordshire, Welwyn

Hertfordshire?, St Stephen's


Herts, 1a/345/Bishops Stortford

Herts, 3a/328/Bishops Stortford

Herts, Cheshunt, Waltham Lane

Herts, Waltham Cross

Herts, Welwyn Garden City

Herts., Barnet, 11 Wellhouse Lane

Herts., Hemel Hempstead

Herts., St Albans, Colney Street

Holborn, 2 St Thomas' Place

Holborn/1b/472 (age 65)

Holborn/1b/486 GRO (age 69)

Holborn/1b/749 GRO

Holborn/1b/822 Probably

Holloway, 14 Shadwell Road

Holman Family Bible

Holman family Bible

Holman family

Holy Rood Church, Berkshire, Shilton

Homerton, 10 Daubeney Road

Homerton, Hackney Union Infirmary

Hornsey, 35 St Mary's Hill

Hornsey, St Peters Church

Hornsey, St Peter's Church

Horsted Keynes Sussex


Hoxton (poss 1891/Mar/Islington/1b/366 Gertrude Rose GRO (Not Rose 1892/Mar/1b/270/Islington))

Hoxton New Town 1878/Dec/Shoreditch/1c/74

Hoxton, 27 Fairbank St

Hoxton, 27 Fairbank Street

Hoxton, St Ann, Christ Church

Hoxton, St John the Baptist

Hull Citadel


Huntingdonshire, Gamlingay


in her 80's

in his twenties

in their back garden

Ipsden & Checkendon, Bampton

Ipsden Oxfordshire, St Mary The Virgin

Ipsden Oxfordshire, St Mary the Virgin

Ipsden Oxfordshire, St Mary The Virgin

Ipsden Oxfordshire, St Mary the Virgin

Ipsden Oxfordshire



Islington p8, 42 Offord Road

Islington p9, 42 Offord Road

Islington Register Office

Islington, 13 Prebend Street

Islington, 17 Andover Road

Islington, 17 Devonshire Place

Islington, 17 Popham Street

Islington, 19 Cottenham Road

Islington, 2 Cardigan Street

Islington, 22 Cambridge Road

Islington, 3 Canonbury Avenue

Islington, 3 Clarence Cottages

Islington, 35 Millford Road

Islington, 4 Barnsman? Place

Islington, 4 Lampeter Street

Islington, 42 Offord Road

Islington, 47 Barbara St

Islington, 5 Warner Street

Islington, 61 Alexander Rd

Islington, 96 Wynford Park

Islington, 96 Wynford Road

Islington, Cottingham Road

Islington, Holloway, 126 Cottenham Road

Islington, Lampeter Street

Islington, Popham Street

Islington, Royal Northern Hospital

Islington, Seven Sisters Road, 1 Bowman Place East

Islington, St Mary's Church

Islington, Upper Holloway



Islington/1b/147 age 72























Ivy's home West Mersea

James St Shoreditch p28

James St Shoreditch p29

James Street Hackney p28

Jane Govey information from Fosh family book

John Howarth

Kencot (age 4 months), St George's

Kensingston, St Mary Abbotts

Kensington/1a/148 (Paddington)

Kent (1845/Sep/Sevenoaks/5/417 GRO), Chiddingstone

Kent (IGI), Sundridge

Kent 1853/Dec/Sevenoaks/2a/333, Penhurst

Kent 1855/Mar/North Aylesford/2a/258, Penshurst

Kent 1858/Jun/Sevenoaks/2a/362, Penshurst

Kent 1860/Mar/Servenoaks/2a/401, Seal

Kent 1860/Sep/Sevenoaks/2a/386, Penhurst

Kent 1863/Mar/Sevenoaks/2a/456, Chiddingstone

Kent, 1846/Sep/Tonbridge/5/509 Tunbridge Wells

Kent, 1861/Jun/2a/251/Bromley

Kent, Ashurst

Kent, Beckenham, 10 The Avenue

Kent, Beckenham, 30 Blandford Avenue

Kent, Brasted, Howgreen

Kent, Bromley, (Sevenoaks/5/301) Chiddingstone

Kent, Bromley, (Sevenoaks/5/404) Chiddingstone

Kent, Bromley, 6 Farwig Lane

Kent, Bromley, 73 Farwig Lane

Kent, Bromley, Chiddingstone Cemetery

Kent, Bromley, Chiddingstone, Highfield

Kent, Bromley, Chiddingstone, Highfields

Kent, Bromley, Chiddingstone

Kent, Bromley, Fairwig

Kent, Bromley/2a/336

Kent, Bromley

Kent, Chatham, 16 Constitution Road

Kent, Chatham

Kent, Chevening

Kent, Chiddingstone Causeway

Kent, Chiddingstone Hoath

Kent, Chiddingstone, Gillwins Cottage

Kent, Chiddingstone, Hoath

Kent, Chiddingstone, Ranleigh Heath

Kent, Chiddingstone, St Mary's Church

Kent, Chiddingstone, Tye House

Kent, Chiddingstone, Wellers Town

Kent, Chiddingstone

Kent, Church Chiddingstone, St Mary's

Kent, Cowden, Buckhurst

Kent, Cowden

Kent, Edenbridge, St Peter & St Paul

Kent, Edenbridge

Kent, Farnborough

Kent, Gillingham, Chatham Barracks, Royal Marines Light Infantry

Kent, Gravesend, 20 Albion Road

Kent, Hadlow

Kent, Hever, Meach Land Cottage

Kent, Hever

Kent, Highfield

Kent, Ide Hill

Kent, Leigh & Sundridge, Ide Hill, Hadlow, Chiddingstone

Kent, Leigh, Brook Cottage

Kent, Leigh

Kent, Lye

Kent, Maidstone

Kent, Marden

Kent, Pembury Hospital

Kent, Pembury

Kent, Penhurst

Kent, Penshurst, Redleaf House

Kent, Penshurst, White Post Cottage

Kent, Penshurst, Whitepost Keepers House

Kent, Penshurst

Kent, Seal, Little Clusterriver

Kent, Seal

Kent, Sevenoaks Parish Church

Kent, Sevenoaks Weald

Kent, Sevenoaks, Bailey's Hill Cottages

Kent, Sevenoaks, Leigh

Kent, Sevenoaks, Seal, Clusterriver

Kent, Sevenoaks, Seal

Kent, Sevenoaks, White House

Kent, Sevenoaks

Kent, Shoreham

Kent, Speldhurst

Kent, St Mary Cray, 1 Birchwood Terrace

Kent, St Mary's Lewisham

Kent, Strood, Wickham Hill

Kent, Sundridge Workhouse

Kent, Sundridge, Parish Church

Kent, Sundrige, 41 Golus Common West

Kent, Tonbridge, 15 Stanley Road

Kent, Tonbridge, 70 St James Road

Kent, Tonbridge, Southborough, 60 Springfield Road

Kent, Tonbridge

Kent, Tunbridge Wells Hospital

Kent, Tunbridge Wells, 66 St James Road

Kent, Wellers Town Chiddingstone

Kent, Wickham Cottage

Kent, Woolwich

Kent., Tonbridge, Springfield Road


Kingsland, 111 Balls Pond Road

Knaggs Family

Lambeth Southwark

Lambeth, 16 Runham Street

Lambeth, 195 Clapham Rd

Lambeth, 26 Union Street

Lambeth, 37 Chatham Street

Lambeth, 37 Larkhall Lane

Lambeth, 46 Larkhall Lane

Lambeth, 48 Larkhall Lane

Lambeth, 52 Lower Marsh

Lambeth, Lower Marsh Road

Lambeth, Private Rd, Theobalds House

Lambeth, St Mary Newington

Lambeth, Vauxhall, 14 Southville

Lambeth, Vauxhall, 33 Southville


Lambeth/1d/330 Surrey

Lambeth/1d/353 Surrey

Lambeth/1d/417 GRO




Lancashire, Castleton, 4 John Street

Lancashire, Castleton

Lancashire, Southport, North Meols, 5 Promenade

LDS member), Berkshire (IGI


Leicestershire, Newbold Verdon

Leith Scotland

Lewes Sussex, 8 St Ann Crescent

Lewes/2b/105 probably but between 1871 & 1881

Liddle family

Lilian 1b/358/Islington Lil Maud 1b/265/Islington

Limehouse, Bird In Bush Terrace

Lincolnshire, Lincoln

Lincolnshire, Stamford, 25 High Street

Little Clanfield, Grafton Mill

Liverpool), (possibly 1886 Birkenhead

Liverpool, Accrington

Liverpool, Anfield Cemetery

Liverpool, nr Anfield, Richmond House

Liverpool?, Birkenhead, Anfield Cemetery

London (possibly 1853/Dec/Stepney/1c/413/GRO), Goswell Street, 9 Bell Alley

London (1842/Mar/St Luke/2/326 GRO), Clerkenwell, St Luke's

London (1850/Sep/St Luke/2/317 GRO), Clerkenwell, St Luke's

London (1861/Sep/Shoreditch/1c/15 GRO), Middlesex

London (1864/Dec/Shoreditch/1c/141 GRO), Middlesex

London (1866/Dec/Shoreditch/1c/154 GRO), Hoxton

London (1867/Sep/St Martins in the Fields/1a/748 GRO), Middlesex

London (1881/Sep/Greenwich/1d/296 GRO), Greenwich

London (1891/Sep1b/228/Islington GRO), Islington

London (1901/Dec/Lambeth/1d/727), Waterloo Road, St John

London (1907/Mar/Hackney/1b/379 GRO), Hackney

London (a leather dresser), Southwark, St Saviours

London (IGI) & (1860/Dec/East London/1c/21 GRO), Cripplegate

London (IGI), Cripplegate, St Giles' Church

London (IGI), Cripplegate, St Giles' Church

London (IGI), Cripplegate

London (IGI), Shoreditch, St Leonard''s Church

London (IGI), Shoreditch

London (TS age 30 of St James Clerkenwell), Holborn, St Andrew's Church

London (TS age 42 of Rose Court), Barking, All Hallows Church

London (TS age 42 of St James Clerkenwell), Holborn, St Andrew's Church

London (TS age 5 of Turnmill St), Clerkenwell, St James' Church

London (TS age 60 of St James Clerkenwell), Holborn, St Andrew's Church

London (TS infant of Clerkenwell Green), Clerkenwell, St James' Church

London (TS infant of Pear Tree Court), Clerkenwell, St James' Church

London (TS infant of Sarah Place), Clerkenwell, St James' Church

London (TS infant of St Helena Place), Clerkenwell, St James' Church

London City/1c/134

London City/1c/61

London E8, Hackney, Homerton

London E9, Hackney, 27 Valentine Road

London N1, 1 Tiber Street

London N1, Islington, 19 Great Arthur Street

London N19 1990/Oct/Islington/13/1440, Whittington Hospital

London N19, 32 Cornwallis Road

London N19, Whittington Hospital

London N4, 103 Florence Road

London N4, 73 Upper Tollington Park

London N4, Finsbury Park, 6 Oxford Road

London N4, Hornsey, 8 Marquis Road

London N4, Stroud Green School

London N4, Stroud Green, 1 Victoria Road

London N4, Stroud Green, 6 Oxford Road

London p1, Bethnal Green, 15 Ravencroft Street

London p2, Bethnal Green, 15 Ravencroft Street

London p59, Shoreditch, 11 Henry Place

London St Pancras

London), Hackney/3/176 (Bethnal Green

London, 129 Back Broad Street Station Buildings

London, 1860/Jun/Kensington/1c/124 Fulham

London, 1867/Jun/Lambeth/1d/390 Kennington

London, 1867/Sep/Whitechapel/1c/760 Spitalfields

London, 1868/Mar/Shoreditch/1c/128 Hoxton

London, 1869/Mar/Lambeth/1d/402 Kennington

London, 1870/Mar/Lambeth/1d/453 Kennington

London, 1871/Jun/Lambeth/1d/389 Kennington

London, 1872/Jun/Holborn/1b/720 St Luke's Finsbury

London, 1872/Jun/Lambeth/1d/458 Kennington

London, 1875/Dec/Holborn/1b/768 Finsbury

London, 1876/Jun/Lambeth/1d/450 Kennington

London, 1877/Mar/Shoreditch/1c/177 Walthamstow

London, 1879/Mar/Lambeth/1d/472 Kennington

London, 1880/Dec/Shoreditch/1c/121 Shoreditch

London, 1885/Dec/Shoreditch/1c/130 Bethnal Green

London, 1885/Sep/Bethnal Green1c/216

London, 1893/Mar/1b/326/Islington

London, 1898/Mar/Shoreditch/1c/192 Shoreditch

London, 1b/318/Islington

London, 52 Berston St. Westminster

London, 57 Marylebone Lane

London, Aldersgate

London, All Hallows

London, Battersea, Manor Farm Dairy

London, Battersea

London, Bermondsey, St John Horsley Down

London, Bethnal Green, 15 Ravencroft Street

London, Bethnal Green, 16 Henrietta Street

London, Bethnal Green, 2 London Street

London, Bethnal Green, 206 Hackney Road

London, Bethnal Green, 29 Harts Lane

London, Bethnal Green, St Matthew's Church

London, Bethnal Green/Spitalfields

London, Bethnal Green

London, Bishopsgate, 19 Skinner St

London, Bishopsgate

London, Blackfriars

London, Bow?

London, Bow

London, Bunhill Fields Burial Ground

London, Bunhill Fields

London, Chelsea, 6 South C

London, Chelsea, East Street

London, Chelsea, St Luke's Church

London, Chelsea

London, Christ Church Spitalfields

London, Clapham, Orchard Street

London, Clerkenwell, 13 Bell Alley

London, Clerkenwell, Bell Alley

London, Clerkenwell, St James' Church

London, Clerkenwell, St Luke's, 1 White Street

London, Clerkenwell, St Luke's

London, Clerkenwell

London, Court of Canterbury

London, Cripplegate, 9 Ropemaker Street

London, Cripplegate, St Giles

London, Cripplegate

London, Edmonton Register Office 1901/Dec/Edmonton/3a/802

London, Edmonton, 17 Charlton Road

London, Edmonton/3a/201 Wood Green

London, Edmonton/3a/251 Wood Green

London, Finsbury, 17 Macclesfield Street

London, Finsbury, 2 Chequers Alley

London, Finsbury, 3 Rodney Place

London, Finsbury, 4 Green Arbour Court

London, Finsbury, 61 Eagle Street

London, Finsbury, Charthouse, St Thomas' Church

London, Finsbury, Old Street, St Luke's Church

London, Finsbury, Old Street

London, Finsbury, St George Martyr Southwark, School House

London, Finsbury, St Lukes, Turks Head Court

London, Finsbury, St Luke's

London, Fulham

London, Hackney Registry Office

London, Hackney Union Workhouse

London, Hackney Wick, Gainsboro Square

London, Hackney, 12 Nisbet Street

London, Hackney, 16 Victoria Grove

London, Hackney, 2 Gainsborough Road

London, Hackney, 381 Wick Road

London, Hackney, 4 Holmbrook Road

London, Hackney, 44 Brunswick Street

London, Hackney, 67 Chapman Road

London, Hackney, 67 Wick Road

London, Hackney, 7 Frederick Place

London, Hackney, 9 Chapman Road

London, Hackney, 90 Laburnham Road

London, Hackney, Christ Church

London, Hackney, Gore Road, Christ Church

London, Hackney, Hackney Hospital

London, Hackney, Hackney Union Infirmary

London, Hackney, Haggerstone, 111 Gt Cambridge Street

London, Hackney, Haggerstone, 46 Gt Cambridge Street

London, Hackney, King Edward Road, 20 Fremont Street

London, Hackney, Mare Street, 18 Tudor Road

London, Hackney, Old Ford

London, Hackney, St John of Jerusalem

London, Hackney, St John's Church

London, Hackney

London, Haggerstone, 41 Weymouth Terrace

London, Hampstead, Green HIll, NLC Hospital

London, Haringey

London, Hart Street, St Olaves

London, Holborn, St Andrews by the Wardrobe

London, Holborn, St Andrews

London, Hornsey

London, Hoxton New Town, 61 Buttesland Street

London, Hoxton, 285 Hoxton Street

London, Hoxton, 7 Edward Street

London, Hoxton

London, Islington Middlesex

London, Islington poss 1855/Jun/Islington/1b/234 Middlesex

London, Islington, 1 Rosemary Street

London, Islington, 1 Westmoreland Place

London, Islington, 121 Grove Road

London, Islington, 1b/1031/Holborn

London, Islington, 42 Barring Street

London, Islington, 7 Bemerton Street

London, Islington, 7 Lampeter St

London, Islington, Holborn

London, Islington, St Mark's

London, Islington

London, Kennington

London, Kensington, 22 Southam St

London, Kensington, 23 Southam Street

London, Lambeth, 38 York Road

London, Lambeth, Kennington, 1 James Street

London, Lambeth, Vauxhall, 131 Vassal Road

London, Marylebone, 1 Cavendish Square

London, Marylebone, 20 New Chesterfield Street

London, Marylebone, 25 Union Street

London, Marylebone, 3 York Street

London, Marylebone, St Marylebone

London, Marylebone

London, Mayfair, Queen Street

London, Mile End

London, Newington Green, 122 Matthias Road

London, Northumberland Street

London, Old Artillery Ground, Gun Street

London, Oxfordshire (TS age 30 from 18a Queen Annes Street Mews, Hanwell, St Peter's Church

London, Paddington

London, Pimlico

London, Poplar, Bromley, 61 Orwell Street

London, Shoreditch High Street

London, Shoreditch, 11 Henry Place

London, Shoreditch, 13 Edith Street

London, Shoreditch, 15 Clarence Terrace

London, Shoreditch, 19 Cropley Street

London, Shoreditch, 28 Wimbourne Street

London, Shoreditch, 30 Appleby Street

London, Shoreditch, 45 Essex Street

London, Shoreditch, 46 Cropley St

London, Shoreditch, 46 Gt Cambridge Street

London, Shoreditch, 5 Mansfield Cottage

London, Shoreditch, 54 Ship Street

London, Shoreditch, 6 Clarissa Street

London, Shoreditch, 8 Maidstone Street

London, Shoreditch, Haggerstone, 117 St Johns Road

London, Shoreditch, Haggerstone, Harland Square

London, Shoreditch, Heneage Street

London, Shoreditch, St Leonard''s Church

London, Shoreditch, St Leonard's Church

London, Shoreditch, St Leonard''s Church

London, Shoreditch, St Leonard's Hospital

London, Shoreditch, St Leonards, 10 Essex Street

London, Shoreditch

London, Shoredtich, St Leonard's Church

London, Soho, St Annes' Church

London, Soho, St Annes

London, South East Hackney

London, South Hackney, 23 Morpeth Road

London, South Hackney, 60 Chapman Road

London, South Hackney

London, Southwark, Blackfriars Road, Christ Church

London, Spitalfields, Christ Church

London, St Andrew's Holborn

London, St Anne's Soho

London, St Botolph Bishopsgate

London, St Brides Fleet Steet

London, St George Hanover Square

London, St George in the East, 34 Providence Street

London, St Giles, 29 Barbican

London, St Luke's Finsbury

London, St Lukes Old Street, 6 Peace Place

London, St Luke's, 38 Goswell Road

London, St Martins in the Fields

London, St Marylebone Road, St Mary's

London, St Marylebone, St Mary's Church

London, St Marylebone

London, St Pancras Church

London, St Pancras

London, St Paul's

London, Stepney East, 4 Bromley Street

London, Stepney, 40 Spicer Street

London, Stepney, Shadwell

London, Stoke Newington, 187 High Street

London, Stoke Newington, St Mary's Church

London, Stoke Newington

London, Stroud Green, Parish Church

London, Tottenham, High Cross, 12 Rangemore

London, Tottenham

London, Upper Holloway, 28 Cottenham Road

London, Wandsworth/1d/362Battersea

London, Wandsworth/4/520 Battersea

London, Wandsworth/4/557 Battersea

London, Waterloo, Christ Church, St John's Church

London, West Ham, 56 Chester Road

London, Westminster, 24 Vine Street

London, Westminster, 53 Grosvenor Row

London, Westminster, Soho, St Ann's Church

London, Westminster

London, Whitechapel, Spitalfields, Christ Church

London, Whitechapel, St Mary

London, Whitechapel, Wheeler Chapel, St Mary Spital Square

London, Wood Green Registry Office

London, Wood Green, 5 Acacia Road

London, Wood Green, St Michael's Church

London., 2 Cavendish Square? Marylebone

London., Blendon Row, 41 Albert House

London., Finsbury, Featherstone Street

London., Fulham, 3 Devonshire Cottages, Farm Lane

London., Hackney, 16 Victoria Grove

London., Hackney, Haggerstone, 111 Gt Cambridge Street

London., Hackney, Haggerstone, 13 Edith Street

London., Marylebone, King Street



Lynda Creed

Maidstone Union Workhouse

Manor Park Cemetery

Marion Furniss b1948 abt 7 yrs old

Marylebone, 29 Charlotte Street

Marylebone, 31 Foley Street

Marylebone, 44 Bolsover Street

Marylebone, 74 Lisson Grove Nth

Marylebone, 9 Henrietta Place

Marylebone, Trinity Church

Marylebone, Westmoreland Street







May Family

Mayhew Family Bible

Medway/5/395 Chatham Kent

mid 40's

Middle Street Nazeing

Middlesex London, Finsbury, St Thomas Charterhouse

Middlesex, 1849/Mar/Shoreditch/2/491 London

Middlesex, 1b/342/Islington

Middlesex, 3a/243/Jun Edmonton Enfield

Middlesex, 3a/293/EdmontonEnfield

Middlesex, Bethnal Green, 25 Crescent Place

Middlesex, Bethnal Green/1c/226 London

Middlesex, Burnt Oak, North Road, 2 Alice Villa

Middlesex, Enfield

Middlesex, Finchley, St Mary's Church

MIddlesex, Finsbury, 9 Turks Head Court

Middlesex, Finsbury, St Lukes

Middlesex, Hackney area of London

Middlesex, Hackney, 16 Victoria Grove

Middlesex, Haggerston, Yorkton Street, St Augustine's Church

Middlesex, Hendon

Middlesex, Isleworth, South Street

Middlesex, Limehouse

Middlesex, London, 1856/Sep/Bethnal Green/1c/270 Hackney

Middlesex, London, 1858/Dec/Bethnal Green/1c/730 Hackney

Middlesex, London, 1860/Sep/Bethnal Green/1c/222 Hackney

Middlesex, London, Bethnal Green, St Thomas Church

Middlesex, London, Bethnal Green

Middlesex, London, Hackney, 16 Victoria Grove

Middlesex, London, Hackney, 6 Margaret Street

Middlesex, London, Hackney

Middlesex, London, Shoreditch, 46 Gt Cambridge St

Middlesex, London, Shoreditch, Leonard Street

Middlesex, London, Shoreditch

Middlesex, London, South Hackney, Parish Church

Middlesex, London

Middlesex, Poplar

Middlesex, Shoreditch, Peace Buildings

Middlesex, South Hackney, 5 Savoy Cottages

Middlesex, St Giles

Middlesex, St Luke Finsbury

Middlesex, St Lukes

Middlesex, Stepney

Middlesex, Whitechapel


Middleson? Suffolk?

Mile End Old Town/1c/1070

Mile End Old Town/1c/469

Mile End, 15 South Green

Mile End

Monmouth, St Mary's

Muswell Hill, St James' Church

N18, West Green, Christ Church

named as deceased in sister's 1742 Will, Bef 1742

Nazeing p7, Middle St, Nennets

Nazeing p8, Middle St, Nennets

Nazeing, All Saints

Nazeing, Alsidle St

Nazeing, Greensleeves

Nazeing, Mead Gate

Nazeing, New Town Road

Nazing Essex

Nazing, 17 Middle Street

Nazing, Green Leaves Farm

Nazing, Nazing Green Loose

Nazing, Perry Hill Farm

New Road Aylesbury

New Town Biggleswade

Newbury), Oxfordshire (age 79 of 37 Stanley Rd, Black Bourton, St Mary's Church


Newbury/6/227 Berks


Newington, Chatham Street

Newington, St Mary

Newington, Surrey


Newport Pagnell

Newton Abbot 5b 270

Newton Abbot/5b/102

Newton Abbot/5b/107

Newton Abbot/5b/158

Newton Abbott/10/243


Noble Family

Non Conformist New Chapel Walthamstow

Norfolk (1842/Sep/Henstead/13/249 GRO), Henstead

Norfolk, Norwich, Norfolk & Norwich Hospital

North Aylesford/2a/195 GRO

North Aylesford/2a/202 GRO (1861 census John a widower)

North Carolina, Pittsborough

North London

North Middlesex County Hospital

North Wales, Newtown

Northampton, 110 Colwyn Road

Northampton, Greens Norton

Northamptonshire (1849/Dec/Towcester/15/797 GRO), Abthorpe

Northamptonshire (1884/Dec/Towcester/3b/37 GRO), Abthorpe

Northamptonshire (1898/Dec/Towcester/3b/33 GRO), Abthorpe

Northamptonshire (age 20 years), Abthorpe

Northamptonshire (age 42 years), Abthorpe

Northamptonshire (age 56), Abthorpe

Northamptonshire (age 63), Chapel Brampton

Northamptonshire (age 64 years), Abthorpe

Northamptonshire (age 66), Chapel Brampton

Northamptonshire (age 71 years), Abthorpe

Northamptonshire p3, 2 Chapel Brampton

Northamptonshire p4, 2 Chapel Brampton

Northamptonshire, 2 Chapel Brampton

Northamptonshire, Abthorpe, Milthorpe

Northamptonshire, Abthorpe

Northamptonshire, Althorp, Althorp Grounds

Northamptonshire, Aston le Walls

Northamptonshire, Byfield, Water Mill

Northamptonshire, Byfield

Northamptonshire, Chapel Brampton

Northamptonshire, Church Brampton

Northamptonshire, Cottingham

Northamptonshire, Greens Norton

Northamptonshire, Grindon

Northamptonshire, Irthlingborough

Northamptonshire, Moulton, Broughton to Overstone

Northamptonshire, Moulton

Northamptonshire, Northampton

Northamptonshire, Roade, Wood Leys

Northamptonshire, Roade

Northamptonshire, Spratton, New Vicarage

Northamptonshire, Thrapston, No 3

Northamptonshire, Thrapston, No3

Northamptonshire, Towcester, High Street

Northamptonshire, Weedon Lois, Weston

Northamptonshire, Wellingborough, 131 Munstanley Road

Northamptonshire, Wellingborough

Northamptonshire, Weston

Northamptonshire, Whittlebury, Cowpasture

Northants (1942/Mar/Kettering/3b/322 GRO), Kettering

Northants, Abthorpe, Shepherds Cottage

Northants, Aston, Appletree

Northants, Culworth

Northants, Irchester Parish Church

Northants, Irthlingborough

Northants, Passenham, Old Shafford School

Northants, Rushden

Northants, Thrapston, George's Yard

Northants, Thrapston

Northants, Thrapstone

Northants, Thrapston

Northants, Wellingborough, 94 Melton Road

Northants, Wellingborough

Northants, Weston by Weedon

Northants. (1857/Jun/Towcester/3b/27 GRO), Abthorpe

Northants.(1878/Jun/Towcester/3b/14 GRO), Abthorpe

Northants., Abthorpe

Northumberland, Newcastle on Tyne


not 1864/Sep/Whitechapel/1c/796

not before 1742

Not known

not Middlesex possibly Ireland

not Middlesex

not on census

not Surrey

Nottingham (IGI), Kinoulton

Nottingham (IGI), Willoughby on the Wolds

Nottingham, Sneinton

Nottingham, St Mary, Rumley Place

Nottingham, St Mary's

Nottinghamshire (IGI), Nottingham

Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, 1847/Mary/Radford/15/652 GRO

Nottinghamshire, Nottingham, 7 Stag Road

Nottinghamshire, Nottingham

Nottinghamshire, Sneinton, Sneinton Villa

Nottinghamshire, Snenton

Nottinghamshire, West Bridgford

Nottinghamshire, Willoughby

Notts. (IGI), Nottingham, St Mary's

Nuneham Courtney aged 62

Old Ford

Old Warden Bedfordshire

Old Warden, St Leonard's Church

Old Warden, Village opposite the Warren

or bef 1623?

outside No. 73, London N4, Upper Tollington Park


Ovillers Military Cemetery

Oxford ( Elizabeth wife of Henry), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford ( TS Henry son of William), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford (Age 83), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford (d Wm & Eliz lock keeper), Iffley, St Mary's Church

Oxford (IGI), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford (Licence only), St Michael's Church

Oxford (of Henry), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford (OFHS CD), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford (s Wm & Eliz lock keeper), Iffley, St Mary's Church

Oxford (TS a householder), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford (TS a maid), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford (TS age 2 months), St Thomas' Church

Oxford (TS age 65 from Witney Union), Lew, Holy Trinity

Oxford (TS age 79), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford (TS), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford age 34, Headington, St Andrew's Church

Oxford age 66, Headington, St Andrew's Church

Oxford age 75 (TS), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford age 88 (TS), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford aged 84

Oxford bn Aston, Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford born Aston, Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford Quarter Sessions

Oxford), Oxfordshire (also baptised 27 Aug 1802 St Michael's, Oxford, St Peter in the East

Oxford, 18 Albert Street

Oxford, 20 Summerfield Road

Oxford, 23 Speedwell Street

Oxford, Bampton, St Mary's

Oxford, Brighthampton

Oxford, Checkendon, St Peter & St Paul

Oxford, Grandpont, 2 Coleman Crescent

Oxford, Headington, Rose Hill Cemetery

Oxford, Holy Trinity Church

Oxford, Ipsden, St Mary the Virgin

Oxford, Lew, Holy Trinity

Oxford, Osney Lock House

Oxford, Oxford, All Saint's Church

Oxford, Shifford, Newbridge

Oxford, Shifford, St Mary's

Oxford, Shifford

Oxford, St Clement's

Oxford, St Ebbe�s, Commercial Road Baptist Chapel

Oxford, St Ebbes

Oxford, St Mary Magdelan

Oxford, St Thomas' Church

Oxford, St Thomas, Bridge Street

Oxford, St Thomas, New Osney

Oxford, Standlake, Black Horse

Oxfordhsire (TS "wife of Robert"), Kencot, St George's Church

Oxfordhsire, Kencot, St George's Church

Oxfordshire (1 year old), Thame, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire (11 months), Thame, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire (1853/Dec/Banbury/3a/1179 GRO), Hanwell, St Peter's Church

Oxfordshire (1868/Dec/Witney/3a/636 GRO), Black Bourton

Oxfordshire (1869/Jun/Witney/3a/645 GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1871/Mar/Witney/3a/728 "Rosanna" GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1872/Dec/Witney/3a/719 GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1873/Dec/Witney/3a/708 GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1874/Dec/Witney/3a/717 GRO), Burford

Oxfordshire (1880/Jun/Witney/3a/803 GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1881/Jun/Witney/3a/807 GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1882/Jun/Witney/3a/820 Alice Ellen), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1883/Dec/Witney/3a/797 GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1887/Dec/Witney/3a/637 GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1887/Sep/Chipping Norton/3a/852 GRO), Chadlington

Oxfordshire (1889/Sep/Witney/3a/859 GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1891/Mar/Witney/3a/895 GRO), Swinbrook

Oxfordshire (1894/Dec/Chipping Norton/3a/882 GRO), Chadlington

Oxfordshire (1896/Dec/Chipping Norton/3a/934 GRO), Chadlington

Oxfordshire (1898/Sep/Chipping Norton/3a/969 GRO), Chadlington

Oxfordshire (age 14 of Lew), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 17 of Hardwick), Oxford, Radcliffe Infirmary

Oxfordshire (age 2 months), Thame, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire (age 2 years drowned), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 21 months), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 21 months), Ducklington, St bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 23), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 32 of Lew), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 32), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 33), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 35 of Lew), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (age 35), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 37), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 39), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 44 of Lew), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 46), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 54), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 56), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 6 years), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 62), St Giles' Standlake

Oxfordshire (age 63), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 64 of Minster Lovell), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 66 years), Thame, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire (Age 66), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 7 months), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 7 of Lew), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 7 years), St Mary's Black Bourton

Oxfordshire (age 71 of Minster Lovell), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 72 of Drayton), Hanwell, St Peter's Church

Oxfordshire (age 72 of Shilton), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 72), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 73 late of Thame), Thame, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire (age 74), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 76), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (age 79), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 8 months), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 86 Southern Road), Thame, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire (age 9 of Lew), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (age 9 of Scarlet Fever), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (an old man), Bampton Church

Oxfordshire (base born), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (base born), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (base born), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (Base), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (Bishops Transcript), Minster Lovell, St Kenelm

Oxfordshire (Edmund a widower), St Giles' Standlake

Oxfordshire (IGI), Buckland, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (IGI), Shipton under Wychwood

Oxfordshire (IGI), St Mary's Buckland

Oxfordshire (LDS member), Swinbrook, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (of Bampton), Brize Norton, St Britius

Oxfordshire (of Brighthampton), Shifford

Oxfordshire (Possibly 1838/Dec/Witney/16/122 GRO), Northmoor

Oxfordshire (Richard a widower), Wotton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (see notes), Witney, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (SOG TS), Standlake

Oxfordshire (to James & Ann Maria), Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (to John George & Elizabeth), Kencot

Oxfordshire (transcript "a householder"), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "age 5 months"), Fulbrook, St James' Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "age 67"), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "age 75 of Hardwick"), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "age 80"), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (transcript "age 83"), Swinbrook, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "age 84 of Speedwell Street"), Oxford, Holy Trinity Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "age 88"), Swinbrook, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "age 90"), Swinbrook, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "an infant"), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (transcript "d of John of Cote"), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "Elizabeth age 65"), Swinbrook, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "Joan of Coat"), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript "wife of John of Cote"), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript), Lew, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (transcript), Swinbrook, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS "age 90 of Fyfield Wick"), Fyfield

Oxfordshire (TS "Ann wife of Benjamin aged 56"), Thame;, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS "d of John"), Alvescot, St Peter's Church

Oxfordshire (TS "d of Robert"), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS "s of Robert"), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS "wife of John"), Northleigh

Oxfordshire (TS a pauper), Swinbrook, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS age 1 year), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (Ts age 1 year), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS age 1 year), Nuneham Courtney, All Saint's

Oxfordshire (TS age 1), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS age 14 months), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (Ts age 19 weeks), Nuneham Courtney, All Saint's

Oxfordshire (TS age 19 years), Nuneham Courtney, All Saint's

Oxfordshire (Ts age 21), Adderbury, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS age 29), Burford, St John the Baptist

Oxfordshire (TS age 2y 7months), Minster Lovell, St Kenelm

Oxfordshire (Ts age 38), Adderbury, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS age 4 months), Nuneham Courtney, All Saint's

Oxfordshire (Ts age 54), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS age 56), Kelmscott, St George's

Oxfordshire (TS age 57), Burford, St John the Baptist

Oxfordshire (TS age 57), Lew, Holy Trinty

Oxfordshire (TS age 58), Deddington, St Peter & St Paul

Oxfordshire (TS age 63 grave A228), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS age 66), Alvescot, St Peter's

Oxfordshire (TS age 68), Alvescot, St Peter's

Oxfordshire (TS age 70), Alvescot, St Peter's Church

Oxfordshire (TS age 79 of Lew ), Lew, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS age 79), Wotton

Oxfordshire (TS age 8), Burford, St John the Baptist

Oxfordshire (TS age 80 grave 273), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS age 84), Shipton under Wychwood

Oxfordshire (TS age 87), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS age 88 of Hardwick), Ducklington

Oxfordshire (TS age 89), Deddington, St Peter & St Paul

Oxfordshire (TS base to Sarah), Hanwell, St Peter's Church

Oxfordshire (TS d of Benj & Mary), Thame, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS Elizabeth a wife), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS Henry Basson of Aston), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS index entry only), Nuneham Courtney

Oxfordshire (TS John George & Elizabeth Ellen of Blunsdon), Kencot, St George's Church

Oxfordshire (TS of Aston), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS of Weald), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS Robt Batson an infant), St Mary's Church Bampton

Oxfordshire (TS s William & Sarah ), Swinbrook, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS Sarah a widow), Alvescot, St Peter's

Oxfordshire (TS widow of Henley), Rothefield Greys

Oxfordshire (TS widow of Thame age 80), Thame, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (TS wife of William), Little Coxwell

Oxfordshire (TS William of Aston), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS) age 75, Minster Lovell, St Kenelm

Oxfordshire (TS), Alvescot, St Peter's Church

Oxfordshire (TS), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (TS), Begbroke, St Michael's

Oxfordshire (TS), Bradwell, St Peter & St Paul

Oxfordshire (TS), Ducklington, St Bartholomew

Oxfordshire (TS), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire (TS), Kelmscott, St George's

Oxfordshire (TS), Kencot, St George's Church

Oxfordshire (TS), Langford, St Matthew's Church

Oxfordshire (TS), Minster Lovell, St Kenelm

Oxfordshire (TS), Sandford on Thames, St Martin's

Oxfordshire (TS), Swinbrook, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (twin), Thame, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire (twins to Henry), Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire (wife of Henry), Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (wife of Thomas), Chipping Norton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire (with infant Clara), Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire age 1, Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire age 17, Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire age 23 (1887/Dec/Witney/3a/493 GRO), Black Bourton

Oxfordshire age 28, Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire age 3, Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire age 43 of Kencot, Kencot, St George's Church

Oxfordshire age 6, Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire age 70, Ducklington

Oxfordshire age 77, Kelmscott, St George's

Oxfordshire age 78 (TS), Kelmscott, St George's

Oxfordshire age 87, Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire aged 46, Toot Baldon

Oxfordshire aged 67, Nuneham Courtney

Oxfordshire aged 80 years, Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire by licence, Standlake, St Giles

Oxfordshire p 16, Swinbrook

Oxfordshire p10, Witney, Corn Street

Oxfordshire p11, Witney, Corn Street

Oxfordshire p14, Lew, Church Green

Oxfordshire p15, Swinbrook

Oxfordshire p2, Nuneham Courtney

Oxfordshire p3, Witney, Wood Green

Oxfordshire p4, Lew

Oxfordshire p4, Witney, Corn Street

Oxfordshire p4, Witney, Wood Green

Oxfordshire p5, Lew

Oxfordshire p5, Witney, Corn Street

Oxfordshire p8, Bampton, Lew

Oxfordshire p8, Swinbrook

Oxfordshire p9, Bampton, Lew

Oxfordshire p9, Swinbrook

Oxfordshire to Bibury, Brize Norton

Oxfordshire, Bampton

Oxfordshire, 22 Ducklington Village

Oxfordshire, 34 in the Village (Post Office) Black Bourton

Oxfordshire, Adderbury, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Adderbury

Oxfordshire, Alvescot, Cottage

Oxfordshire, Alvescot, No 6 in the village

Oxfordshire, Alvescot, St Peter

Oxfordshire, Alvescot, St Peter's Church

Oxfordshire, Alvescot

Oxfordshire, Asthall, Asthally

Oxfordshire, Asthall, Charterville

Oxfordshire, Asthall, St Nicholas' Church

Oxfordshire, Asthall, St Nicholas

Oxfordshire, Asthall, Stonelands

Oxfordshire, Asthall

Oxfordshire, Aston & Cote

Oxfordshire, Aston, Bampton Meadow

Oxfordshire, Aston

Oxfordshire, Baldon

Oxfordshire, Bampton Church

Oxfordshire, Bampton S.A.M. Bampton

Oxfordshire, Bampton Village

Oxfordshire, Bampton, & St Mary's Church, Ducklington, St Bartholomew's Church

Oxfordshire, Bampton, 1704/5 St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Aston

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Broad Street

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Church Street

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Coat

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Cote

Oxfordshire, Bampton, either 1762 or 1763 St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Fisher's Bridge

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Lew

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Mansion House Academy

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Market Place

Oxfordshire, Bampton, possibly 4 Oct 1596 St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Bampton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Bampton, Weald

Oxfordshire, Bampton, West Weald

Oxfordshire, Bampton

Oxfordshire, Banbury, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Begbroke, St Michael's

Oxfordshire, Black Bourton, Alvescot Road

Oxfordshire, Black Bourton, Burford Road

Oxfordshire, Black Bourton, Post Office

Oxfordshire, Black Bourton, Rack Farm

Oxfordshire, Black Bourton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Black Bourton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Black Bourton

Oxfordshire, Bradwell, St Peter & Paul

Oxfordshire, Bradwell

Oxfordshire, Brighthampton

Oxfordshire, Brize Norton, 3 Bognor Terrace

Oxfordshire, Brize Norton, Castle Farm

Oxfordshire, Brize Norton, St Brice

Oxfordshire, Brize Norton, St Britius

Oxfordshire, Brize Norton

Oxfordshire, Broadwell, St Peter & St Paul

Oxfordshire, Buckland, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Burford High Street

Oxfordshire, Burford Road

Oxfordshire, Burford, High Street

Oxfordshire, Burford, St John the Baptist Church

Oxfordshire, Burford, St John the Baptist

Oxfordshire, Burford, St John

Oxfordshire, Burford, St John's Church

Oxfordshire, Burford, St John's

Oxfordshire, Burford, Upton, Bury Barns

Oxfordshire, Burford, Upton

Oxfordshire, Burford

Oxfordshire, Chadlington, Bull HIll

Oxfordshire, Chadlington, St Nicholas Church

Oxfordshire, Charlbury

Oxfordshire, Checkendon Church

Oxfordshire, Chipping Norton, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire, Chipping Norton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Chipping Norton

Oxfordshire, Church Bampton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Clanfield, Methodist Chapel

Oxfordshire, Clanfield, St Stephen's Church

Oxfordshire, Clanfield

Oxfordshire, Culham

Oxfordshire, Curbridge, Village

Oxfordshire, Curbridge, Witney Union Workhouse

Oxfordshire, Curbridge

Oxfordshire, Cuxham, Village Street

Oxfordshire, Deddington, St Peter & St Paul

Oxfordshire, Drayton, Swalcliffe, Roebuck Inn

Oxfordshire, Drayton

Oxfordshire, Ducklington, Claywell Farm

Oxfordshire, Ducklington, Hardwick

Oxfordshire, Ducklington, St Bartholomew

Oxfordshire, Ducklington, St Bartholomew's Church

Oxfordshire, Ducklington, St Bartholomew's

Oxfordshire, Ducklington, Village

Oxfordshire, Ducklington

Oxfordshire, Eynsham, St Leonard's

Oxfordshire, Faringdon, Union Workhouse

Oxfordshire, Faringdon

Oxfordshire, Filkins Downs

Oxfordshire, Filkins, Mr Bowens Farm

Oxfordshire, Fulbrook, Road

Oxfordshire, Fulbrook, Signett

Oxfordshire, Fulbrook, St James' Church

Oxfordshire, Fulbrook

Oxfordshire, Glympton Park, Glympton Lodge

Oxfordshire, Glympton, Hill Farm Cottages

Oxfordshire, Glympton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Glympton

Oxfordshire, Hailey, St John's Church

Oxfordshire, Hanwell, St Peter's Church

Oxfordshire, Hanwell

Oxfordshire, Hardwick

Oxfordshire, Headington

Oxfordshire, Hook Norton

Oxfordshire, Iffley, Village

Oxfordshire, Iffley

Oxfordshire, Ipsden Church

Oxfordshire, Ipsden, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire, Kelmscott, St George's Church

Oxfordshire, Kelmscott, St George's

Oxfordshire, Kelmscott

Oxfordshire, Kencot or Black Bourton

Oxfordshire, Kencot, St George

Oxfordshire, Kencot, St George's Church

Oxfordshire, Kencot

Oxfordshire, Kirtlington, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire, Kirtlington

Oxfordshire, Langford, Grafton

Oxfordshire, Langford, St Matthew's Church

Oxfordshire, Langford, St Matthew's

Oxfordshire, Langford, St Matthews's Church

Oxfordshire, Langord, St Matthew's Church

Oxfordshire, Leafield

Oxfordshire, Lew, Church Green

Oxfordshire, Lew, Hil House

Oxfordshire, Lew, Hill House Cottages

Oxfordshire, Lew, Hill House

Oxfordshire, Lew, Holy Trinity Church

Oxfordshire, Lew, Holy Trinity

Oxfordshire, Lew

Oxfordshire, Little Coxwell

Oxfordshire, Little Ducklington

Oxfordshire, Lower Caswell

Oxfordshire, Lyneham, R 2 High Street

Oxfordshire, Minster Lovell, Brize Norton Road

Oxfordshire, Minster Lovell, Charlesville

Oxfordshire, Minster Lovell, St Kenelm

Oxfordshire, Minster Lovell, St Kenhelm

Oxfordshire, Minster Lovell

Oxfordshire, Nether Worton, St James' Church

Oxfordshire, New Bridge

Oxfordshire, Northleigh

Oxfordshire, Northmoor

Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney, 26 The Village

Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney, All Saint's Church

Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney, All Saint's

Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney, Rough Lodge

Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney

Oxfordshire, Oddington, St Andrew's Church

Oxfordshire, Oddington

Oxfordshire, Oxford, 27� Aldate Street

Oxfordshire, Oxford, 27 St Aldates Street

Oxfordshire, Oxford, 27a St Aldate Street

Oxfordshire, Oxford, All Saint's

Oxfordshire, Oxford, Holy Trinity Church

Oxfordshire, Oxford, New Headington

Oxfordshire, Oxford, St Aldate's

Oxfordshire, Oxford, St Peter's Church

Oxfordshire, Oxford, St Thomas's Church

Oxfordshire, Oxford

Oxfordshire, poss 18 Dec 1846 Ducklington

Oxfordshire, Radcourt

Oxfordshire, Rothefield Greys, the Maltsters' Arms

Oxfordshire, Rothefield Greys

Oxfordshire, Rotherfield Greys, St Nicholas Church

Oxfordshire, Rotherfield Greys

Oxfordshire, Sandford on Thames, St Andrew's Church

Oxfordshire, Sandford on Thames, St Martin's Church

Oxfordshire, Sandford on Thames

Oxfordshire, Sandford St Martin

Oxfordshire, Sandford

Oxfordshire, Sarsden, St James

Oxfordshire, Sarsden

Oxfordshire, Shifford, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Shifford, St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Shifford

Oxfordshire, Shilton, Holy Rood

Oxfordshire, Shilton, Tayton

Oxfordshire, Shilton, The Vicarage

Oxfordshire, Shilton

Oxfordshire, Shipton under Wychwood, Charlbury, Cottage

Oxfordshire, Shipton under Wychwood, Magpy Hally?

Oxfordshire, Shipton under Wychwood

Oxfordshire, Shipton

Oxfordshire, South Hinksey, 23 Lake Street

Oxfordshire, Southleigh, St James' Church

Oxfordshire, Southleigh

Oxfordshire, St Giles' Standlake

Oxfordshire, St Mary's Wotton

Oxfordshire, Standlake, Bailtenton?

Oxfordshire, Standlake, Black Horse

Oxfordshire, Standlake, Brighthampton Road

Oxfordshire, Standlake, Rack End

Oxfordshire, Standlake, St Giles' Church

Oxfordshire, Standlake, St Giles' Church

Oxfordshire, Standlake, St Giles

Oxfordshire, Standlake, Standlake Street

Oxfordshire, Standlake

Oxfordshire, Stanton Harcourt, St Michael's Church

Oxfordshire, Stanton Harcourt

Oxfordshire, Swinbrook, Bunford Hill

Oxfordshire, Swinbrook, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Swinbrook, St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Swinbrook, Sturt Farm

Oxfordshire, Swinbrook

Oxfordshire, Taynton

Oxfordshire, Tayton, St John's Church

Oxfordshire, Thame, High Street

Oxfordshire, Thame, Lubbersdown Hill

Oxfordshire, Thame, St Mary the Virgin

Oxfordshire, Thame, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Thame

Oxfordshire, Toot Baldon, St Laurence

Oxfordshire, Wardington, St Mary Magdalene

Oxfordshire, Wardington

Oxfordshire, Weald Bampton

Oxfordshire, Westwell, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Westwell

Oxfordshire, Widford

Oxfordshire, Witney Cemetery

Oxfordshire, Witney, 44 Corn Street

Oxfordshire, Witney, Corn Street

Oxfordshire, Witney, Holy Trinity Church

Oxfordshire, Witney, Meeting House Lane

Oxfordshire, Witney, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Witney, St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Witney, Wesleyan Chapel

Oxfordshire, Witney, Wood Green

Oxfordshire, Witney

Oxfordshire, Woodstock, Hensington

Oxfordshire, Worton

Oxfordshire, Wotton, St Mary's Church

Oxfordshire, Wotton, St Mary's

Oxfordshire, Wotton

Oxfordshire, Wroxton, Abbey Farm

Oxfordshire, Yelford

Oxfordshire? ("buried 1770 d Thos & Sarah"), Bampton

Oxfordshire?, Bampton

Oxfordshire?, Black Bourton

Oxfordshire?, Brize Norton

Oxfordshire?, Ducklington

Oxfordshire?, Kencot

Oxfordshire?, Shifford

Oxfordshire?, Standlake



p), Oxfordshire (to Henry, Bampton, St Mary's Church

p12, Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney

p13, Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney

P13, Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney

p2 & 3, Abbots Langley, Bedmond

p2, Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney

p3, Oxfordshire, Nuneham Courtney

Paddington, 14 Connaught Place

Paddington, 23 Southam St

Paddington, 40 Southam Street

Paddington, 43 Gloucester Square

Paddington, Poss 15 Jun 1810 St James' Church

Paddington, poss 15 Jun 1810 St James' Church

page 1, Oxfordshire age 80, Glympton

page 2, Oxfordshire age 80, Glympton

page 3 & Probate, Oxfordshire age 80, Glympton

Paignton Operatic Society

Paington Parish Church

Parish Church West Hackney 1874/Sep/Hackney/1b/780 possibly

Park Lane

pauper"), Berkshire (transcript "aged, Ardington, Holy Trinity Church

Penhurst, Game Keepers House

Penrith Cumberland, Hutton

Penshurst 1886/Mar/Sevenoaks/2a/686 Kent

Penshurst 1889/Jun/Servenoaks/2a/658 Kent


Place not known

place unknown

Place unknown

Poole p20, Buddins Lane

Poole p21, Buddins Lane

Poole, 106 Strand Street

Poole, St James' Church

Poplar Road Southwark

Poplar Sick Asylum

Poplar, 16 Suffolk Court

Poplar, 2 Market Street

Poplar, 48 Pekin Street

Poplar, 5 Richard St

Poplar, 7 Evans Street

Poplar, All Saints

Poplar, Bromley, 54 St Leonards Road

Poplar, Methodist Chapel








Poplar/1c/457 poss




Poplar/2/327 Old Ford

Poplar/2/347 Old Ford

poss 13 Jan 1762 Bampton

poss 18 Nov 1827 Leigh age 42

Poss 1839/Jun/Shoreditch/2/391

poss 1840/Mar/St Luke/2/228

poss 1843/Sep/Chelsea//3/34

poss 1857/Sep/Newbury/2c/145

Poss 1860/Sep/Cheltenham/6a/1919 GRO ref

poss 1876/Dec/Wandsworth/1d/971 Ann Wells

poss 1887/Jun/Holborn/1b/468

poss 1888/Mar/Islington/1b/257

poss 1894/Dec/Islington/1b/189

poss 1896/Dec/Islington/1b/774

poss 19 Apr 1630 Bampton (a child buried)

poss 1910/Mar/Holborn/1b/560 GRO

poss 23 Dec 1999 Kettering

poss 3 Mar 1828 age 77?

poss 31 Aug 1874 age 87 from Witney Union

poss 6 Sep 1615 (TS "Agnis Tanner buried")

poss 7 Jan 1670/1 Chipping Norton (Widow More buried)

poss Lambeth/1d/436 Surrey

poss not 1868/Dec/Linton/3b/1176

poss whilst on service in Ireland

possible 1866/Dec/Warwick/6d/775 GRO

possibly 12 May 1677 Bampton (Elizabeth a wife)

possibly 1822/Dec/Witney/3a/574 age 87 GRO

possibly 1858/Dec/St Martin/1a/512

possibly 1876/Sep/Westminster/1a/870

possibly 1878/Dec/Witney/3a/485 age 62 GRO

possibly 1892 Stepney

possibly 1896/Sep/Warwick/6d/415/ age 61

possibly 23 August 1829 Witney (TS Jane age 70

Private House

prob 1864/Sep/Bethnal Green/1c/223

prob 1897/Jun/Islington/1b/218

prob Nuneham Courtney (Banns Stanford on Thames Feb 1842)

probably 2 Mar 1742 (buried with their mother?)

probably 2 Mar 1749 (probably buried with their mother?)

Prospect Place Southwark, Pitt Street

Ravensthorpe, The Lodge


REME Records Leicester

River Thames in Lambeth

Romford, George Street, 2 Clifton Terrace



Royal College of Surgeons

Royal Fusiliers, 8th Btn




Saint Botolph Without Aldersgate

Sale Family


Sandford on Thames

Sarah Ellen May's bible notes

Scotland, Leith, 27 Elbe Street

Scotland, Leith, Dunbar

Scotland, Leith

Scotland, Midlothian, South Leith


Seal 1851/Dec/Servenoaks/5/498

Seares Family

Sevenoaks (IGI)

Sevenoaks 1851/Sep/Sevenoaks/5/482_3, Leigh

Sevenoaks District

Sevenoaks Kent

Sevenoaks Petty Session 1812 - 1850

Sevenoaks, 2 Bailey Hill

Sevenoaks, 2 Baileys Hill

Sevenoaks, 3 Baileys HIll

Sevenoaks, Bailey Hill

Sevenoaks, Bayley's Hill Cottages

Sevenoaks, Weald Liberty

Sevenoaks/2a /524








Sevenoaks/5/288 Poss

Sevenoaks/5/427 Chiddingstone


Sevenoaks/5/521 poss


Sevenoaks/5/961 (aged 32)



Sheffield, Cambridge Streeet, Lodging House

Sheffield, St Paul's Church


Shoreditch (10 months at burial), Tabernacle Walk

Shoreditch (1827), St Leonard's Church

Shoreditch (Strand), Tabernacle Walk

Shoreditch High St

Shoreditch Middlesex

Shoreditch p19, 64 Barchester St

Shoreditch P20, 3 Baltic St

Shoreditch P21, 3 Baltic St

Shoreditch Workhouse

Shoreditch, 1 Little Mo Street

Shoreditch, 11 Union Buildings

Shoreditch, 13 Edith Street

Shoreditch, 16 Baston Street

Shoreditch, 16 Boston Street

Shoreditch, 1871/Sep/Shoreditch/1c/150 Haggerstone

Shoreditch, 2 Devonshire Street

Shoreditch, 2 Kings Square

Shoreditch, 22 Cowper Street

Shoreditch, 3 Cup Alley

Shoreditch, 34 Fellows Street South

Shoreditch, 36 Cropley Street

Shoreditch, 4 Maidstone Place

Shoreditch, 44 Shaftesbury Street

Shoreditch, 46 Gt Cambridge St

Shoreditch, 52 Weymouth Terrace

Shoreditch, 64 Barchester St

Shoreditch, 75 Mintern Street

Shoreditch, 8 Branch Place

Shoreditch, 8 Great Cambridge St

Shoreditch, 9 Walbrook Road

Shoreditch, 9 Whitfield Street

Shoreditch, 94 Pitfield Street

Shoreditch, City Road, 2 Tabernacle Row

Shoreditch, Eagle Street

Shoreditch, Edith St

Shoreditch, Edith Street

Shoreditch, Haggerstone

Shoreditch, Heneage Street

Shoreditch, Leonard Street

Shoreditch, Matthew Street

Shoreditch, Paul Street

Shoreditch, Poplar

Shoreditch, Provost St

Shoreditch, St John the Baptist

Shoreditch, St Leonard's Church

Shoreditch, St Leonards Workhouse

Shoreditch, St Leonards

Shoreditch, Tabernacle Walk

Shoreditch., 13 Edith Street

Shoreditch/1c/128 poss


Shoreditch/1c/226 GRO


Shoreditch/1c/459 GRO



Shoreditch/2/328 poss

Shoredtich, St Leonard's Church


Soho (Westminster District), St Ann's Church

Soho, St Anne's Court

Somerset, Bath

Somerset, Taunton

Somerset, Wells

Somerset, Yeovil

South Hackney, Christ Church

South Wales, Bridgend

South Wales, Glamorgan, Ystradfodiog

SOUTHAMPTON Hampshire England

Southampton, Shirley, St James



Southwark (p3), 6 Little Suffolk Street

Southwark area of London

Southwark Bridge

Southwark, 1 Lower Grotte Place

Southwark, 16 Runham St

Southwark, 29 Mial? Street

Southwark, 48 Mann Street

Southwark, 57 St Georges Row

Southwark, 6 Little Suffolk Street

Southwark, Blackfriars Road, Christ Church

Southwark, Christ Church Blackfriars Road

Southwark, Christ Church, William Street

Southwark, Christ Church

Southwark, Elephant & Castle

Southwark, George Street

Southwark, Little Suffolk Street

Southwark, London Rd, 28 Garden Row

Southwark, Marshall Street & Pitt Street, Garden Row

Southwark, Marshall Street

Southwark, Newington, St Mary's Church

Southwark, Saint Saviour

Southwark, Saved Place

Southwark, St Mary's Church

Southwark, St Saviour, King's Bldgs

Southwark, St Saviour

Southwark, Wellington Street

Southwark, Whale St, 6 Youngs Buildings

Southwark, York Street

Southwark., 65 Lamb Street

Southwark., Christchurch, 6 Charles Street

Southwark., St Saviour, Fishmonger Alley


Spitalfields Christ Church Stepney

Spitalfields, Christ Church


St Albans Hertfordshire, St Michael

St Alban's, Dagnell Lane Old Meeting House

St Albans/3a/196

St Andrew's Church, Berkshire, Shrivenham

St Botolph Bishopsgate, 3 Arms Rooms, Gingerbread Court

St Botolph Bishopsgate, Dulwich Alms Houses, Gingerbread Court

St Botolph Bishopsgate

St Botolph Without, Burr Street

St Brice or St Britius Church, Oxfordshire, Brize Norton

St Deny's Church Northmoor

St George Han Sq/1/29 London

St George in the East, 120 Church Lane

St George In The East

St George Martyr Southwark

St George Southwark/4/301

St George's Southwark, Star Court

St George's Southwark

St Giles/1b/293

St James' Bethnal Green

St Jame's Church, Oxfordshire, Fulbrook

St James Shoreditch

St John the Baptist Shoreditch

St John the Evangelist Lambeth (Source: Margaret.)

St Leonards p33, 71 Teviot St

St Leonards p34, 71 Tenis St

St Leonards p34, 71 Teviot St

St Leonards, 71 Teviot St

St Luke Finsbury, Lizard Street

St Luke Middlesex

St Luke/1b/__4?

St Luke/1b/587 GRO

St Luke/2/223

St Luke/2/243

St Luke/2/263

St Luke/2/316

St Lukes Finsbury, 17 Windmill St

St Luke's Finsbury, 19 Mitchell Street

St Lukes Finsbury, 3 Hulls Terrace

St Luke's Finsbury, 49 Noble Street

St Lukes Finsbury, Hulls Terrace

St Luke's Finsbury

St Lukes London

St Lukes Middlesex London, 7 Hulls Place

St Lukes Middlesex London

St Luke's Old Street

St Luke's Shoreditch

St Lukes, 106 Golden Lane

St Lukes/1b/542

St Mary Battersea

St Mary Newington Lambeth

St Mary Newington

St Mary Whitby

St Marylebone London.

St Marylebone, 17 Albert Road

St Mary's Bampton (infant buried)

St Mary's Bampton Oxfordshire

St Mary's Battersea

St Mary's Chiddingstone 1842/Jun/Sevenoaks/5/481

St Mary's Church Chiddingstone

St Mary's Church, Gloucestershire, Bibury

St Mary's Church, Gloucestershire, Kempsford

St Mary's Church, Oxfordshire, Witney

St Mary's Haggerstone 1860/Dec/Shoreditch/1c/390

St Mary's Haggestone

St Mary's Tiddenham

St Mary's Whitechapel

St Pancras/1/291

St Pancras/1b/85

St Pancras

St Pauls Upper Holloway

St Saviour Southwark/1d/35

St Sepulchre London

St Stephen's Hertfordshire, Bottom House

St Stephen's Hertfordshire, Park Street Lane

St Thomas' Bethnal Green 1875/Dec/Bethnal Green/1c/855

St Thomas' Bethnal Green

St Thomas' Oxford, Park End Street

St Thomas's Hospital 1863/Dec/Newington/1d/183

Staffordshire, Brierley Hill, 35 Fenton Street

Staffordshire, Smethwick

Staffordshire, West Bromwich, 224 Union Street

Stamford Hill, 15 Old Chapel Road

Stamford Hill, 2 Boston Row

Stamford Hill, 20 Winslade Road

Stamford Hill, 3 Boston Row

Standlake etc, Aston, Bampton

Steeple Morden, Hay Street

Stepney Poss, St George in the East

Stepney, 28 Orchard Row

Stepney, Orchard Row

Stepney, St Dunstans

Stepney, St Dunstan's

Stepney, St Dunstans

Stepney, St George in the East



Still born

Stoke Newington, 14 Park Street

Stoke Newington, 44 Church Street

Stoke Newington, Church Street

Stroud Green Parish Church

Stroud Green, Dashwood Rd, St Peters In Chains

Suffolk 1855/Dec/Wangford/4a/411, Beccles, Northgate Street

Suffolk), Ipswich/4a/854 GRO (Ipswich

Suffolk), Ipswich/4a/864 GRO (Ipswich

Suffolk, Beccles, Northgate Street

Suffolk, Beccles

Suffolk, Bungay

Suffolk, Dunwich

Suffolk, Fressingfield, Broad Road

Suffolk, Fressingfield

Suffolk, Ispwich, St John's Road, Denton Villas

Suffolk, Sudbury, 62 North Street




Sundridge, the Parish Church

Surrey (1870/Dec/Lambeth/1d/333 GRO), Lambeth

Surrey (WSFHS Index), Godstone

Surrey, 1851/Mar/Greenwich/5/309 Bermondsey

Surrey, Abinger, Northlands Cottage

Surrey, Bermondsey

Surrey, Blackwake

Surrey, Camberwell

Surrey, Clapham

Surrey, Crowboro

Surrey, Ewell, Kempton Road, Astbury

Surrey, Frimley, Ash, Shoovel Row

Surrey, Frimley

Surrey, Godstone

Surrey, Guildford

Surrey, Lambeth, St Mary's Church

Surrey, Lambeth, Stockwell New Chapel Independent

Surrey, Lambeth

Surrey, Lingfield, Prinkham? Lane

Surrey, Lingfield

Surrey, Newington, 9 Cole Street

Surrey, Newington

Surrey, Southwark, 28 Garden Row

Surrey, Southwark, Blackfriars Road, Christ Church

Surrey, Southwark, Saint Saviour

Surrey, Southwark, St George The Martyr

Surrey, Southwark, St George the Martyr

Surrey, Southwark, St Saviour's

Surrey, Southwark, Suffolk Court

Surrey, Southwark

Surrey, St Mary Newington

Surrey, Stockwell

Surrey, Sutton, District SMD School for Girls

Surrey, Tatsfield

Surrey, Wandsworth/4/578 Battersea

Surrey, Wandsworth

Surrey, West Battersea

Surrey., Clapham, 16 Smedley Street

Surrey., Newington, St Mary's

Surrey?, Godstone


Susses, Brighton, 30 Viaduct Road

Sussex (1896/Jun/Eastbourne/2b/163 GRO), Eastbourne

Sussex (1910/Sep/Hailsham/2b/91 GRO), nr Hailsham, Horsebridge

Sussex (IGI), East Preston

Sussex (IGI), Hove

Sussex, 1843/Mar/Greenwich/5/206 Brighton

Sussex, Brighton, 10 Bath Street

Sussex, Brighton, Hove, Ivy Lodge, Old House

Sussex, Brighton

Sussex, Cuckfield

Sussex, East Grinstead

Sussex, Fletching, Danehill

Sussex, Fletching

Sussex, Flimwell

Sussex, Hartfield

Sussex, Hawkhurst Cottage Hospital

Sussex, Heathfield

Sussex, Hove

Sussex, Linfield


Swindon Wiltshire

Tavistock Devon, Bratton Clovelly

Tavistock Devon, Lidford


Taylor Family record from family file

Taylor family

Tewksbury, Tewkesbury Abbey

the Battle of the Somme

the Pool of London

Thesston? Devon

Thomas widower), (not in 1841 census

Tonbridge aged 63 years., The Plough

Tonbridge in 1881, The Plough

Tonbridge, 70 St James Road

Tonbridge, Private House

Tonbridge, The Plough








Tormaham?, 7 Joburg Place

Tormoham, The Grove

Torquary 1903/Sep/Newton Abbot/5b/293, St Mark's

Torquay, Abbey Road Independant Chapel

Torquay, Matlock Mews

Torquay, Tormoham, 10 Braddons Place

Torquay, Tormoham, 7 Centered?

Torquay, Tormoham, 7 Centered

Torquay, Tormoham, 7 Joburg Place

Torquay, Tormoham, Hermosa

Torquay, Tormoham, North Court

Torquay, Tormoham, Park Lane

Torquay, Tormoham

Torquay, Warren Road

Tottenham, 4 Wellesly Road

Tottenham, 7 Percy Terrace

Tottenham, All Hallows Church

Tottenham, Commercial? Road


Tower Bridge & the Pool of London

Tunbridge Wells, 66 St James Road


Upper Holloway, St Paul's Church

USA, Conneticut

USA, Minnesota, St Paul, St Luke's Church

USA, New Jersey, Brunswick

USA, New Jersey

USA, North Dakota


Vessels HM Navy

Village Bratton Clovelly

Village, Bratton Clovelly

Wales (1884/Sep/Bangor/11b/487), Bangor

Wales (1886/Jun/Bangor/11b/498), Caernarvonshire, llandegai

Wales (1888/Jun/Bangor/11b/488), Caernarvonshire, llandegai

Wales (1904/Sep/Oswestry/6a/414 age 71 GRO, Weston

Wales, Caernarvonshire, Llandegai, Penrhyn Stables

Wales, Glamorgan, Penmark

Wales, Mid Glamorgan, Merthyr Tydfil, Tylorstown

Wales, Weston Rhym


Waltham Abbey

Waltham Cross, Sewardstone Place

Waltham Cross, Sun Street

Waltham Cross, Woollard Street

Waltham For/5e/966

Waltham Forest/D63/2

Walthamstow p72, Pembroke Road North

Walthamstow p73, Pembroke Road North

Walthamstow, 106 Wood St

Walthamstow, 163 Wood St

Walthamstow, 18 Pembroke Road

Walthamstow, 4 Wood St

Walthamstow, Parish Church

Walthamstow, Pembroke Road

Walthamstow, Union Road

Walthamstow, Wood Street


Wandsworth Surrey

Wandsworth/1d/438 poss



War Office

Ware Herts

WARMINSTER Wiltshire England

Warwickshire), Oxfordshire (TS age 62 from Snittersfield, Hanwell, St Peter's Church

Warwickshire, Aston, 21 Park Road, 3 Court

Warwickshire, Binton

Warwickshire, Birmingham, Aston, 42 Sampson Road

Warwickshire, Birmingham

Warwickshire, Coventry, Holy Trinity

Warwickshire, Hockley

Warwickshire, Leamington Priors, Sydenham Farm

Warwickshire, Nuneaton

Warwickshire, poss 3 Nov 1800 Stoneleigh

Warwickshire, Radford Semele, Houghs Cottages

Warwickshire, Radford Semele, Village Street

Warwickshire, Radford Semele

Warwickshire, Radford

Warwickshire, Smethwick, 120 Roebuck Lane

Warwickshire, Snitterfield, Lodge Farm

Warwickshire, Snitterfield, Old House Farm

Warwickshire, Snitterfield

Warwickshire, Tiddington



Wellingborough, High Street Congretional

West Ham, 79 Baron Road

West Ham/4a/168

West Ham/4a/191 GRO

West Ham/4a/207

West Ham/4a/294 GRO (Walthamstow Essex)

West Ham/4a/47

West London/1c/34

West Tottenham

Westclif On Sea, Salisbury Rd, 27 Buckingham House

Westminster St Margaret/1/451

Westminster St Margaret/1a/239

Westminster St Margaret/1a/248

Westminster St Margarets/1a/254 London

Westminster St Margarets/1a/27 London

Westminster, 27 New Peter Street

Westminster, 37 South Audley Street

Westminster, 65 Regent Street

Westminster, St Clement Danes, 51 Clement Lane

Westminster, St Clement Danes

Westminster, St Martins in the Fields

Westminster/1/423 London

Wexford, John Street


where George May was baptised in 1829

Whitby, St Mary's Church

Whitechapel High Street (1837)

Whitechapel, Heneage Street

Whitechapel, Hunt Street

Whitechapel, London Hospital

Whitechapel, Tilley Street

Whitechapel, Vine Court

Whitechapel/2/535 Mile End

William a widower), (not in 1891 census

William Fosh information

Wilts - 1842/Sep/Hungerford/6/245, Great Bedwyn

Wilts (IGI), Westbury, poss 3 Sep 1727 to Alis House

Wilts, Collingbourne Kingston

Wilts, South Savernake

Wilts, Swindon

Wilts., Collingbourne Kingstone

Wiltshire (1873/Jun/Swindon/ GRO), Swindon

Wiltshire England

Wiltshire, , Great Bedwyn

Wiltshire, Bedwyn, Wilton

Wiltshire, Blunsdon, Broad Blunsdon

Wiltshire, Blunsdon

Wiltshire, Castle Eaton

Wiltshire, Cricklade, Ashton Keynes, Field House

Wiltshire, Garsden

Wiltshire, Great Bedwyn, Mr Smailes Stables

Wiltshire, Great Bedwyn, Wexcombe

Wiltshire, Great Bedwyn

Wiltshire, Gt Bedwyn, East Grafton

Wiltshire, Highworth

Wiltshire, Hungerford/6/200 Wexcombe

Wiltshire, Little Bedwyn

Wiltshire, Swindon, 4 Horace Street

Wiltshire, Swindon

Wiltshire, Tidworth

Wiltshire, Tisbury

Wiltshire, Trowbridge

Wiltshire, Wexcombe, Great Bedwyn

Wiltshire, Wexcombe

Wiltshire, Wexcomber, Great Bedwyn

Wiltshire, Wootten Bassett


Wimbledon, 6 Mansel Villas

Without, Skinner Street

Witney Cemetery

Witney Cemetry (TS age 4 of Corn Street)

Witney/3a/615 aged 80 GRO

Wood Green London

Wood Green, 1 Blenheim Grove

Wood Green, 1 Fishmongers Place

Wood Green, 1 Fishmongers Row

Wood Green, 3 Fishmonger Row

Wood Green, 6 Sidney Terrance

Wood Green

Wookey Hole Restaurant

Woolwich Kent

Worcestershire, Evesham

Worcestershire, Great Malvern, 3 Park Villas

Worcestershire, Great Malvern, Chase Estate

Worcestershire, Great Malvern, Priory Church of St Mary & St Michael

Worcestershire, Harbone, 176 Harbone Park Road

Worcestershire, Newtown

World War 2, Royal Artillery

World War 2

WW1 Flanders France

WW1 France



Yeovil Hospital

Yorkshire, Dewsbury, 613 Market Place

Yorkshire, Dewsbury, Bond Street

Yorkshire, Dewsbury

Yorkshire, Doncaster, Baxter Gate

Yorkshire, Egton

Yorkshire, Hatfield, Hope Cottage

Yorkshire, Hatfield, Woodhouse

Yorkshire, Hatfield

Yorkshire, Sowerby

Yorkshire, St Mary's Whitby

Yorkshire, Whitby, St Mary's

Yorkshire, Whitby


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