Baston Coat of Arms

Baston Family Genealogy

Baston family of Hackney, Shoreditch and Whitechapel, London from 1785, originally from Bampton, Oxfordshire

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Baston Coat of Arms

Ancestors of Jane Louisa BASTON of Andover, Hampshire, UK

Name Index


Ann b.1710 - Ringmere, Sussex, England


Elizabeth m.1733 - All Saints Church, Nazing, Essex


Anne r.1775 - St John' Church, Epping, Essex (SOG)
Daniel b.1750 -


Anne b.1750 -


Alice Maud r.1874 - St Andrew & St Philip Church, Kensal Green, London
Charles b.1848 - Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire
Edward b.1864 -
Eliza b.1858 - Great Bedwyn, Wexcombe, Wiltshire
Elizabeth r.1821 - IGI
Elizabeth b.1854 - Wexcombe, Wiltshire
Emma b.1850 - Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire
Francis b.1861 -
Frank r.1873 - St Andrew & St Philip Church, Kensal Green, London
Frederick b.1860 - Wexcombe, Wiltshire
Harry John b.1869 - 1869/Sep/Kensington/1a/119
James b.1844 - Hungerford/6/200 Wexcombe, Wiltshire
James b.1817 - Great Bedwyn, Wexcombe, Wiltshire
Jesse b.1867 -
John b.1819 - Wexcombe, Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire
Louisa b.1856 - Wexcombe, Wiltshire
Sarah b.1826 - Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire
Sarah Caroline b.1802 -
Theophilus b.1780 -
Thomas b.1852 - Wexcombe, Wiltshire
William -
William b.1843 - Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire
Winifred Louisa b.1905 - 1905/Sep/Totnes/5b/138


Elizabeth b.1782 - Tidworth, Wiltshire
Louisa b.1780 -


Isabel b.1530 - Oxfordshire, England


Elizabeth b.1620 -


Mary Lavinia b.1848 - Tavistock/9/499
Rosie Jane b.1852 - PossTavistock/5b/333 Bratton Clovelly, Devon
William b.1820 - Thrushelton, Devon
William b.1791 - Devon


Ann b.1796 - Devon


Elizabeth m.1733 - St Mary's, Tedburn, Devon


Hannah b.1768 -


Ann b.1717 -


Ann b.1833 - Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Caroline b.1823 - Ealing, Middlesex
George b.1836 - Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Getrude b.1870 - Torquay, Devon
Henry b.1865 - Torquay, Devon
John b.1840 - Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Louisa b.1873 - Torquay, Devon
Martha b.1829 -
Mary b.1867 - Torquay, Devon
Sarah b.1832 -
Thomas b.1826 - Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Thomas b.1872 - Torquay, Devon
William b.1796 -
William b.1863 - Torquay, Devon


Louisa b.1800 - Little Marlow, Buckinghamshire


Alice Helen b.1858 - Westminster St Margarets/1a/254 London
Edward b.1871 - Lambeth/1d/330 Surrey
Fanny Jane b.1855 - Westminster St Margaret/1a/248
Frederick b.1868 - poss Lambeth/1d/436 Surrey
Hester Ann b.1848 - Westminster/1/423 London
Louisa b.1861 - Battersea, London
Mary Elizabeth b.1851 - Westminster, London
Richard Sturland b.1831 - Westminster, London
Thomas b.1790 -
Thomas John b.1865 - Lambeth/1d/353 Surrey
William Alexander b.1860 - Westminster St Margarets/1a/27 London
William Sturland (Stirling) b.1827 - Westminster, London


Rosanna b.1780 -


Caroline b.1845 - Bishop's Sutton, Hampshire
Charles r.1819 - Holy Trinity Church, Bishop's Sutton, Hampshire
Elizabeth Ann r.1841 - Holy Trinity Church, Bishop's Sutton, Hampshire
George b.1854 - Bishop's Sutton, Hampshire
Jane b.1840 - Bishop's Sutton, Hampshire
John b.1795 -
Jonathan b.1842 - Bishops's Sutton, Hampshire
Mary Ann b.1849 - Bishop's Sutton, Hampshire
Sarah b.1735 -
Sarah b.1856 - Bishop's Sutton, Hampshire
Walter b.1859 - Bishop's Sutton, Hampshire


Deborah b.1795 -


Edye b.1570 -


Joanah b.1782 - Bishop's Lynton, Devon


John b.1715 -
Mary r.1741 - St Mary's Church, Chiddingstone, Kent


Martha b.1765 -


Ann b.1820 - Middlesex
Edward Alfred b.1846 - Denton Street, St Pancras, London
Emily Amelia b.1861 - Strouds Vale, Islington, (1861/Dec/Islington/1b/267)
George b.1820 - Middlesex
Sarah A b.1859 - Middlesex
William b.1863 - Clapton Street, Islington Middlesex, London
William George r.1838 - St Pancras Church, St Pancras, London


Ann b.1837 - Shoreditch, London
Ann r.1815 - All Saint's Church, Turvey, Bedford
Ann r.1816 - All Saint's Church, Turvey, Bedford
James b.1760 -
James r.1808 - All Saint's Church, Turvey, Bedford
James b.1831 - Shoreditch, Middlesex
Jane r.1823 - All Saint's Church, Turvey, Bedford
John r.1810 - All Saint's Church, Turvey, Bedford
Maria b.1829 - Middlesex
Mary r.1806 - All Saint's Church, Turvey, Bedford
Mary b.1834 - Shoreditch Middlesex
Simon r.1786 - All Saint's Church, Turvey, Bedfordshire
William r.1818 - All Saint's Church, Turvey, Bedford

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Please mention the RIN number attached to a person's name as it is very difficult for me to know for which John, William, Thomas, Edward etc you wish to have more information.

Thank you

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